ADHD reWired

129 | The Life Changing Power of the ADHD Coaching and Accountability Group

This Week’s Guests:

Aaron Collier and Kari Gormley join us on this week’s episode.  Both Aaron and Kari have been accountability partners in the most recent ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group.

Aaron Collier is a computer programmer/librarian that resides in California.  He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 39.  After feeling like he didn’t have the tools he needed, he joined the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group. 

Kari Gormley is a coach, mom, wife, long distance runner, and podcast host (The Running Lifestyle Podcast).  She was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago.  She became part of the group to help herself with habits.

In this episode, Aaron and Kari share their own stories and describe the tasks they struggle with. They’re also able to give examples of how they’ve been able to implement strategies and processes to become more successful at accomplishing these tasks.  This isn’t just through their own determination, accountability is imperative in this process.  As accountability partners, Aaron and Kari share how they hold each other accountable.  It’s easy to sense the productive friendship that has grown out of this group in just 9 weeks.  

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You’ll Learn:

  • [9:18] - Aaron explains the idea of a mastermind group and how he (and his relationship with his wife) has benefitted from this concept.
  • [11:56] - Aaron describes the group’s “Study Hall” sessions and the accountability that comes from it.
  • [16:53] - Kari talks about her mastermind session.  She shares her “lessons learned list”.  This includes a useful tip on stopping at task, building processes, doing one thing at a time, and more.
  • [23:40] - “Statistics are not determinable outcomes.” 
  • [27:32] - Aaron talks about being mindful about his list and taking care of what needs to be done now. He also shares his success with going to the gym since joining the accountability group.
  • [29:56] - Aaron shares the importance of play and talks about the change in his productivity since incorporating play. 
  • [31:45] - Aaron talks about his star chart and the reason for his success in sticking to it.
  • [32:37] - Kari and Aaron share why they have been successful in holding each other accountable.
  • [35:00] - The ratio of men/women with ADHD is 1:1.
  • [35:45] - Aaron shares a typical accountability email.
  • [39:45] - Kari and Aaron talks about what it takes to be a good accountability partner and aspects of the accountability relationship.
  • [43:45] - Kari talks about the bond between people with ADHD and shedding the shame.
  • [44:32] - Aaron talks about his time-blindness and his appreciation of the trust in the group.
  • [47:17] - Kari and Aaron explain why this group has been life-changing.
  • [51:30] - The importance of routine and how this group reWires your brain.


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