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130 | Stepping Into Freedom From Anxiety

This Week’s Guest:

Kali Pelham is an educator that has taken big steps to gain freedom from anxiety.  She just finished the reWired Coaching and Accountability Group. 

Kali struggles with anxiety and feeling like everything is urgent and important.  She talks about how her involvement in the reWired Coaching and Accountability Group has helped her in this area.  Kali shares her journey and explains her thought process and the conversations with her husband that led them to realizing her life would benefit from involvement in the group.  Throughout this conversation, we learn the areas of her life that have benefitted and she shares specific examples of the tools and practices she has implemented.  Kali tells us about how she has her calendars set up, how she operates her to-do list, and uses programs like Google Keep. 

We engage in a 10-minute power coaching session to help Kali determine where things fall in the urgent vs. important matrix.  We also talk about implementing the GTD (Getting Things Done) Methodology to be organized and manage time.  Also, what are the questions to ask yourself to determine the importance of tasks?  Listen to this conversation to find out!

You’ll Learn:

  • [8:38] - Kali shares her back-story and explains what brought her to the reWired Coaching and Accountability Group. 
  • [14:17] - Kali describes the moment that she knew she needed to sign up for the reWired Coaching and Accountability Group.
  • [17:35] - Kali talks about her use of typical ADHD medications and where they help and where they fall short.
  • [19:05] - Kali was unable to find a support group in her area and the reWired Coaching and Accountability Group provided her with that support.
  • [20:35] - Kali describes her priorities and what she wanted to get out of the group.  Now that she’s finished the group, she evaluates the group’s effectiveness in those areas.
  • [21:38] - Kali describes some of the tools she’s put in place and she shares how she constructs her to-do list.
  • [23:26] - Kali shares how she merges her digital calendars.  This leads to a lengthy discussion on being organized with calendars and to-do lists.
  • [32:10] - Kali walks us through some of the items on her to-do list.
  • [36:18] - Re-framing “I should...” to “It would be nice if…”
  • [38:32] - Kali talks about her need to ignore technology first thing in the morning.
  • [40:50] - Kali explains how she uses Google Keep
  • [44:35] - Kali talks about her relationship with God. 
  • [46:25] - Kali shares her “one thing”, the fact she doesn’t have to perform and she can “just be”.  This leads into a discussion on acceptance, peace, and serenity.
  • [54:42] - Kali talks about a recent incident where she was able to be more accepting.
  • [1:01:40] - For Kali, this journey is about doing things without anxiety.
  • [1:05:05] - Kali’s 10-minute power coaching session. 

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