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137 | Leveraging Your Gifts

This Week’s Guest:

Lea Ann Mallett, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, is an entrepreneur that wears many hats.  As a leader of volunteer organizations, she exhibits great skill in certain areas, but has weakness in that same area in a different domain in her life. 

In this conversation, you will hear Lea Ann describe the challenges she’s faced in going from the leader of an organization to the owner of a person business.  One of the things that Lea Ann struggles with is deadlines because she’s always worked best under pressure at the last minute. 

When Lea Ann sits in the hot seat, she shares the challenges that she and her family face every day with their evening routine.  This involves cooking dinner and the child bedtime routine.  We look at some solutions, from finding someone to do the grocery shopping for the family to rearranging the order of the tasks that need to be completed every night.

Connect with Lea Ann Mallett:

Lea Anne Mallett’s website

You’ll Learn:

  • [3:06] - Lea Ann talks about her passion for activism, which led to her sitting in a tree for three days.
  • [6:08] - There are certain aspects of leadership that come easy for Lea Ann and she talks about those things.
  • [8:15] - Decision-making is an easy process for Lea Ann, although there’s some areas where she really struggles with this. 
  • [12:50] - Because of her success in academics, she never suspected she could have ADHD.  Lea Ann believes that if she hadn’t had children, she wouldn’t have reached the point where she thought this was possible. 
  • [15:37] - Lea Ann shares the difference between running an organization and a personal business and describes the aspects with which she struggles.
  • [16:58] - Lea Ann describes her business as an Action and Results Coach. 
  • [18:56] - Lea Ann explains why she sees her ADHD as a gift and she shares why it has enhanced her life.
  • [23:07] -  Lea Ann talks about the challenge of deadlines and her “need” to work under pressure at the last minute.  This leads to a conversation on procrastination.
  • [27:10] - Lea Ann talks about the shame of putting off tasks and working up the emotional scale to where she can complete the task. 
  • [30:36] - Shame vs. Anger
  • [32:52] - Lea Ann talks about needing to switch things up to keep herself interested.
  • [36:05] - Lea Ann Mallett sits in the ADHD reWired Hot Seat.  “Creating a family routine for the routine-resistant family.”
  • [38:28] - Lea Ann breaks down her weekday and weekend evening routines, including the dinner routine, which starts at shopping for food.
  • [48:05] - Lea Ann describes the post-meal challenges.
  • [58:25] - Lea Ann commits to some of the strategies we discussed.


Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time 

Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham - Hicks 

Time Tracker Mini


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