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139 | ADHD on a Date

This Week’s Guest:

Jonathan Carroll is the founder of Carroll Education Group, IEP Experts and The Business of Coaching. He received his BA in Communications from DePaul University and his MA in Learning Disabilities from Northeastern Illinois University.

In this discussion, you will hear Jonathan talk a lot about navigating relationships as someone with ADHD.  Jonathan shares experiences from his first marriage and from his current relationship with his wife.  He talks about the issues he has encountered and the strategies he’s implemented to work through these issues. 

During the hot-seat portion of this discussion, Jonathan shares his struggles with public social interactions.  To help him work through this situation, I turn things around and ask Jonathan what he would tell someone he’s coaching that is in the same situation and he’s got some great insight.

Connect with Jonathan Carroll:

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Twitter - @ADHDGuru

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You’ll Learn:

  • [06:50] - Jonathan talks about making himself more acceptable in social situations.  He shares some tips that help make that happen.
  • [10:40] - Jonathan believes you need to be a student of yourself and identify situations that are and are not ideal for you.
  • [14:42] - Jonathan shares a story about where he needed to acclimated to a situation.
  • [18:32] - For a long time, Jonathan tried to cover-up his ADHD.  He goes on to share his self-realizations.
  • [22:28] - Jonathan talks about his first marriage and the role his ADHD played in the relationship.  He talks about the relationship he has with his current wife and shares what he learned from his previous marriage.
  • [29:16] - Jonathan elaborates on relationship issues and solutions he has discovered to help work through those issues.
  • [39:27] - Continuing on the topic of relationships, Jonathan talks about scheduling dates with family obligations.
  • [51:24] - Jonathan Carroll sits in the ADHD reWired Hot Seat.  When Jonathan gets too comfortable, he has some problem with self-awareness and his filter. 



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