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142 | Embracing Intensity with Aurora Remember

This Week’s Guest:

Aurora Remember is on a mission to help people embrace their intensity and use their fire without getting burned.  With a background as a school psychologist, Aurora just launched a new podcast called, Embracing Intensity.

In this conversation, you will hear Aurora explain the traits and tendencies of a highly excitable person.  While she shares some of her personal traits, we also talk about Aurora’s most popular blog post, 25 Things Only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand.  

In the hot-seat portion of the discussion, we talk about Aurora’s struggles with social media.  She struggles with being consistent and staying focused in this area.  We talk about some strategies she can implement to help herself in this area.  At the end of the episode, Aurora calls back to follow-up after her hot seat session.  Aurora tried using Fiverr for delegating some social content.  She also talks about using Buffer to help her streamline social posting.

Connect with Aurora Remember:

Website -

Podcast - Embracing Intensity

Facebook - League of Excitable Women

Twitter - @AuroraRemember

You’ll Learn:

  • [03:35] - Aurora talks about the personality traits of a highly excitable person.
  • [06:37] - Aurora shares how being highly excitable impacts her, personally.
  • [09:02] - Aurora talks about the history of how high excitability is perceived and defined.
  • [13:51] - Aurora talks about her popular blog post, 25 Things Only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand.
  • [22:45] - Aurora talks about labels and the shades of grey in individuals, including a self-diagnosis.
  • [25:30] - We discuss the possible connection between chronic pain and ADHD because of an overactive nervous system.
  • [27:55] - Aurora talks about using your intensity and fire without getting burned through her coaching. She also shares her personal strategies and struggles.
  • [37:30] - Aurora Remember sits in the ADHD reWired Hot Seat. Aurora struggles with her social media, from consistency and staying focused. We discuss some ways for Aurora to stay on track, including mind-mapping, my two sticky-note strategy, and delegation.
  • [1:07:20] - Aurora follows up after sitting in the ADHD reWired Hot Seat.


The Brick Testament

E-Myth - Michael Gerber

Virtual Freedom - Chris Ducker



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