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143 | There is Always a Better Way with Kim Denny

This Week’s Guest:

Joining me in the studio on today’s episode is my friend and former client, Kim Denny.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at a tumultuous time in his life and I think you will really enjoy this conversation. 

Kim runs a business he has been a part of for 51 years.  He talks about the challenges he faces as a business owner with ADHD.  You also get a real sense of who Kim is in this conversation as you can tell that his business and family are important and close to him.  As you will find out, when it comes to their living situation, they are very close!

Kim spends a lot of time grappling with the emotions of having ADHD.  I use this opportunity to open up and share a recent ADHD shame moment.  Kim uses the second half of the episode to ask me some ADHD questions. 

You’ll Learn:

  • [04:33] - Kim shares how his grandson’s ADHD diagnosis led to his curiosity if he might also have ADHD.
  • [05:51] - Kim talks about his business and the aspects of running a business that he struggles with. He shares how he is able to delegate some of these tasks.
  • [10:00] - These changes that Kim made with his business were done organically and he talks about that process.
  • [17:08] - Kim shares how to feel something big, but show it small.
  • [18:19] - How to correct team members and why your strategy may be different as a person with ADHD.
  • [31:00] - While talking about the amount of things we do, Kim shares that he has cut out his vegetable oil recycling business. Through this, we learn some really interesting things about Kim’s family. 
  • [37:50] - Kim talks about the emotions of having ADHD. I share a recent ADHD shame story.
  • [42:50] - We talk about how ADHD impacts everyone differently. There are 86,400 possibilities when it comes diagnosis based on symptoms.   
  • [46:20] - Kim has a unique living situation. He lives on compound and he talks about living and running a business from this location.
  • [55:00] - Kim asks a couple of ADHD questions. The first is about ADHD exercises and time myopia. This leads to Kim explaining an incontinence product idea.  I share some tips on managing the amount of time the tasks on your to do list takes. 
  • [1:14:45] - Kim asks, “How do you develop a more innate time management skills?” We talk about time management strategies.
  • [1:17:25] - Kim states that people with ADHD have trouble with transitions and sees this as being a problem in relationships.
  • [1:26:16] - Kim talks about some of the strategies he learned in the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group and has implemented in his life. 


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