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This Week’s Episode:

This week, we bring you a recorded session of our ADHD Q&A session.  The recording you will hear on this episode is from the February session.  Nisha Subramanian joins me to moderate this event.  We field several questions on ADHD, task management, and organization.  We talk about avoiding social media distractions, setting goals, controlling emotions and anger management, accountability, and much more.  

If you’re listening to this episode the day it is released (Tuesday, March 14th), you can join the March session today!  It starts at 12:30pm Central, and you can register at

You’ll Learn:

  • [11:57] - When considering teens with ADHD and anxiety, task initiation is especially hard and involves a lot of parent involvement.  I discuss some ways for adolescents to increase independence in this area.  
  • [14:45] - Lucinda asks about items that are scheduled, but don’t have a home for until that scheduled time.  I share some ideas on how to organize and store these tasks.  
  • [19:52] - Scott asks how a question about selecting a doctor. I give some tips and things to consider when selecting a physician to administer medications.
  • [23:05] - Chris asks what techniques could be used to control emotions and anger management.  I explain why this is an important topic for people with ADHD and some tips to manage these emotions through self-care.
  • [28:03] - Adam wonders, “How do you set goals when you don’t know what you want?”  I share some self-exploration practices to evaluate your situation to determine what energizes you.  
  • [33:48] - Aziz finds that chess is one of the few things in which he’s able to hyperfocus. However, he plays chess daily and would like to know how to disengage. I explain the role of dopamine in these situations and share that accountability is a way to stop at an appropriate time.
  • [40:28] - Tom shares how he uses Alexa to help him with task management and organization.  
  • [48:03] - We spend a lot of time on Facebook and this inevitably leads to a lack of productivity.  I share a few resources to limit and control online and social media use to maintain productivity.
  • [52:51] - Scott asks about a medication suggestion, but I explain why I am not able to give a recommendation.  
  • [54:50] - Lucinda asks a follow-up question to her previous question.  Nisha and I have some advice to have a visual reminder of items that need to be taken care of.
  • [59:33] - Nisha brings up a topic from a coaching group.  She asks the question, “What is self-care?”  I describe self-care as self compassion and self kindness and describe some ways to practice self-care.

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