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This Week’s Episode:

This week, we bring you a recorded session of a live ADHD Q&A session.  The recording you will hear on this episode is from the April session.  Laura Curvin joins me to moderate this event.

If you are listening to this episode the day it is published, Tuesday, May 9th, you can participate in the April ADHD Q&A session!  It starts at 12:30pm Central.  Go to to register.  

In this episode, you will hear the questions that attendees submitted during this Q&A.  We discuss morning routines and behaviors, procrastination, completing projects, and much more.  Join one of our upcoming ADHD Q&A sessions to have your questions answered!

You’ll Learn:

  • [07:36] - “Gurk” asks a question about the best morning routines or behaviors.  I share some of my morning behaviors and stress the importance of enough sleep the night before.  
  • [10:37] - Amanda is struggling with goals, projects, and short-term tasks at work and in the home setting.  I talk about the 20x5x5 challenge.
  • [17:19] - Laura asks a follow-up question about signs that your strategies need to change and be updated.
  • [21:40] - The next question is about procrastination.  I explain the problem with procrastination is the task completion system.  I also encourage the person to consider if they are in the right line of work.
  • [26:10] - Alene asks about not being able to finish tasks.  I explain that coming up with too many projects can the perfect recipe for having too much on your plate. Laura talks about deferring projects.
  • [37:57] - Karen joins the call to share some things speech pathologists are missing with ADD.  She talks about auditory association and asks for feedback from attendees.
  • [46:52] - Missy asks a clarifying question. She wants further explanation of the term “association task.”
  • [47:42] - Kim asks how to get through “the final five” and finish projects. 
  • [57:47] - Kat asks how much CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can impact ADHD and productivity.  I explain that CBT can be very helpful when dealing with cognitive distortions.

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