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This Week’s Episode:

Erik Fisher has been producing his podcast, Beyond the To-Do List for more than four years.  His podcast focuses on productivity.  Erik is a social media manager at Social Media Examiner. He is also a member of the ADHD tribe.

In this conversation, you will hear Erik and I discuss a variety of productivity techniques and resources.  We share several productivity apps that might be a fit for you and your routines.  We talk about “the drug” of social media and how to keep social media usage in check while we are trying to be productive. Throughout the episode, Erik shares how to achieve success by matching your priorities to your habits and “passing the baton to future you.”

Connect with Erik Fisher:

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:01] - Erik shares why he decided to do a podcast on productivity.
  • [07:25] - Erik was diagnosed with ADHD in 2005. He talks about what prompted him to seek his diagnosis. He also describes his experience with medication.
  • [10:13] - We talk about digital distractions.  Erik works in the world of digital distractions and shares a few tips for keeping social media in check.
  • [14:14] - Erik shares how he uses his Apple Watch as a satellite to help him filter information and notifications that could potentially distract him.
  • [18:08] - Erik talks about dealing with distractions throughout the day.
  • [21:06] - Erik recently moved. Because I am getting ready to move, Erik shares some strategies for dealing with a move.
  • [23:24] - Erik explains how he sets up his schedule to stay productive through the day and week. This includes how he works within his workspace and working better with distractions.
  • [33:20] - Erik and I talk about the apps we use for to-do lists and calendars.
  • [41:42] - Erik shares some of the questions he is typically asked by people as a productivity guru.
  • [45:18] - To stay productive, we need to cancel out the digital noise.  We discuss some strategies of keeping our technology in check.
  • [49:03] - Erik shares some of the people he has interviewed for his podcast that have influenced him in the area of productivity.  
  • [52:29] - Erik and I talk about Chronotherapy.
  • [54:25] - While on Beyond the To-Do List, Michael Hyatt said, “Productivity isn’t about time management, it’s about energy management.”  
  • [56:17] - Erik talks about internet-blocking software.  

Your Resources:

Sleep Cycle
Kitchen Safe Timer
Freedom Internet Blocker

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