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Gabriel Villareal is a resident in counseling, soon to be a licensed practicing counselor in Virginia. He works part-time with a community agency that serves children and adolescents in crisis. He also runs his own part-time practice, specializing in ADHD.  Gabriel is the host of Informed Consent, a weekly podcast for incoming clinicians.  

In this conversation, you will hear Gabriel talk about how he helps the people he works with find their strengths.  Gabriel believes that ADHD is a gift and if he were given the opportunity “return” his ADHD, he wouldn’t.  Gabriel talks about resiliency, experimenting, and finding the balance of routine. You will also hear how Gabriel stays organized with his busy schedule.  

Connect with Gabriel Villareal:

Informed Consent Podcast

Website - Roanoke ADHD

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:39] - Gabriel shares his background and explains how he got to where he is.  
  • [10:59] - Gabriel talks about mastery and failure.
  • [13:24] - Gabriel explains that there are lots of different skills and strengths that people with ADHD can have, but not all have them all the time.
  • [16:27] - Gabriel talks about resiliency. He talks about the resiliency he was born with and what he has worked to develop.
  • [17:39] - Gabriel shares how he helps the people he works with find their strengths.
  • [19:08] - We talk about the idea of being able to “return” ADHD.  
  • [25:11] - Gabriel addresses the idea that viewing ADHD as a “gift” is a mechanism to make ourselves feel less bad about this thing we have.
  • [38:30] - Gabriel talks about experimenting in different areas.
  • [41:13] - Gabriel shares how he does with relaxing.
  • [45:46] - Gabriel talks about finding the balance of routine.
  • [47:28] - Gabriel is involved in many endeavors and shares how he keeps his schedule organized. This leads to a discussion on managing a calendar.
  • [52:28] - Gabriel talks about his podcast, Informed Consent.

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