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This week, we bring you a recorded session of a live ADHD Q&A session.  The recording you will hear on this episode is from the May session.  

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Ryan McCrae joins me on this Q&A.  In this conversation, you will hear Ryan, and I share our thoughts and tips on the questions that were submitted before and during the recording of this episode.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:14] - We talk about clutter and clutter control.  Ryan talks about decluttering in a neutral state.  I am preparing for a move with my family and having a decluttered space has simplified decisions for me.  
  • [12:07] - We talk about the 5-minute rule and a 60-second clutter clearing exercise.
  • [13:07] - A listener asks a question about academia, graduate school, and self-employment.
  • [19:24] - Ryan talks about decision fatigue after a listener asks about switching between tasks.  
  • [24:11] - A live viewer asks about keeping track of all of your ideas and avoiding forgetting them.
  • [32:08] - Dennis asks about forming boundaries.  We talk about the need to say, “no.”
  • [42:34] - A listener asks a question about shortening conversations and streamlining discussions. I have experienced this issue and share some of the strategies I have implemented. Ryan shares some techniques, as well.
  • [47:10] - Jessica asks for tips on staying positive rather than focusing on past mistakes in work environments that focus on the bad ADHD traits.
  • [55:07] - We talk about using an accountability partner.

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