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Rich Schramm is a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur, and software development expert with over 25-years in information and technology. He is also the father of three kids with ADHD.  Rich is putting his experience and skills to use in creating a tool to manage ADHD families, called I Got This. I Got This is an app, a community, and a mission to change the story of ADHD.

In this conversation, Rich shares some of his story and his personal experiences that led to the development of his app.  The app is not yet live but in beta.  In addition to sharing what some of the nuts and bolts of his app are, he talks about some of the challenges of working on this project.  Rich also describes how working on this project has been a journey for him, personally and professionally.

Connect with Rich Schramm:

App Website -

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:55] - Rich talks about the challenge of predicting timeframes when working on new projects.
  • [08:09] - We talk about perfectionism and how this can hold back a project.
  • [10:27] - Rich explains how he communicates with the off-shore team that is helping him with I Got This.
  • [14:26] - Rich explains how he manages meetings with off-shore leaders. He also talks about overcoming language and cultural barriers.
  • [22:26] - Rich talks about his family and how their needs shaped his app.
  • [26:15] - Rich describes the app’s failsafe notification system. 
  • [30:45] - Rich explains how the app gives token rewards.
  • [32:23] - Rich talks about the guide and two-torials for parents that help with setting up tasks.
  • [43:13] - Rich describes how this project has been a journey, personally.
  • [44:37] - Rich explains how this project has helped him overcome fear and helped change his view of humanity.
  • [49:57] - Rich talks about going through programs with a life coach to help identify the things that held him back, personally and professionally.
  • [55:40] - Rich shares why he views this product as a community.
  • [1:01:36] - Rich explains that he intends to change the way people see ADHD.

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