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This Week’s Episode:

On this week’s episode of ADHD reWired, I am joined by Anne Hougas. Anne is a 65-year old who had “normal” problems growing up.  Her family members have been diagnosed with ADHD.  It was not until recently that Anne realized that she too, has ADHD.  

In this conversation, you will hear Anne share her life experiences.  Anne talks about her family and being raised by parents that perhaps had ADHD.  She also shares her relationship history with three marriages.  Anne was a pleasure to talk with, and I think you’re going to enjoy this conversation.

You’ll Learn:

  • [07:32] - Anne talks about her family life, growing up. This includes her school performance.
  • [12:47] - Anne explains that there was a lack of support because of her home life.
  • [15:05] - I explain that the “it must be me” voice never goes away.
  • [16:02] - Anne talks about her experience in high school, which included moving and going from six to two hundred peers in her classes.
  • [18:36] - After her move, Anne found a group of friends and she explains her social activities and how that helped her come out of her shell.
  • [20:58] - Anne talks about her relationship history in this stage of her life.
  • [23:14] - Anne talks about moving to Wisconsin and her short college experience.
  • [24:05] - Anne describes her social life during this stage of her life and meeting her first husband.  
  • [27:44] - Anne talks about meeting her second husband.  
  • [34:00] - Anne moves to Ohio and her second marriage ends. She talks about meeting her current husband.
  • [41:49] - Anne talks about her husband recognizing that she may have ADHD and her parents possibly having ADHD.
  • [54:54] - Anne thinks back to learning that her childhood and relationship with her parents is not everyone’s experience.
  • [56:47] - Anne talks about her work history and enjoying temporary employment.
  • [58:26] - Anne recently started taking Adderall.  She talks about this experience.

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