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Brett Smith joins me on this episode. Brett is a real estate broker in Austin, Texas who was diagnosed at the age of 42.  This diagnosis came after struggling with job change after job change after job change.  

About two years ago, Brett took a job in software sales, and he noticed “the cycle.”  After a Google search, he realized he needed to explore the possibility that he has ADHD.  Through Driven to Distraction,  He recognized he experienced things everyone does, but the connection between these things.

In this conversation, you will hear how Brett has experienced some clarity since he started implementing strategies for managing his ADHD.  Brett also talks about failure, and he says that “Acceptance has a period at the end of the sentence.  Grace has an ellipses.”  Listen to our conversation and Brett will explain that what you’re experiencing is totally normal, and you can take control of it and empower yourself by getting the right tools and structure.  

You’ll Learn:

  • [04:42] - We talk about mountain biking, and Brett explains why it is his meditation.
  • [08:36] - Brett tells his ADHD story, which involves a lot of career changes.
  • [16:35] - Brett describes the feeling of “boring.”
  • [19:03] - Brett talks about his troubles with email.
  • [27:38] - Brett recalls his conversation with his friend that prompted him to get serious about ADHD and treatment.  He explains why he changed his mind about medication.
  • [30:53] - Brett shares his “AHA!” moment.
  • [31:53] - Brett talks about email strategies he’s implemented. I suggest he prints his email.
  • [33:57] - Brett shares that people don’t have a great understanding of how ADHD manifests.  
  • [40:02] - Brett is “aggressively” trying to figure out how to handle the impact of his ADHD.  He describes the changes he has made.
  • [47:21] - Russell Barkley talks about building external structures. Brett talks about using Evernote and Todoist.
  • [49:55] - Brett explains how he handles his failures.  
  • [52:30] - Brett geeks out about Todoist.
  • [57:05] - We talk about acceptance and grace.  
  • [59:00] - We rave over Gary Keller’s book, The ONE Thing.

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