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Justin Classen joins me on this episode.  Justin is 27-years-old, and a whirlwind of intense, hyper-active energy, born, raised and distracted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He received a diagnosis of ADHD only 9-months ago.  However, this diagnosis was prolonged by two years, due to lapses in memory to actually attend his evaluation.  Considered a “jack of all trades” by those who know him, Justin has found success in a multitude of endeavors, and an acceptance in a profound number of failed ones.  Justin is currently maximizing his energy and investing into his careers as a journeyman, industrial scaffolder, exotic dancer, as well as a music producer and nightclub DJ.  

In this conversation, you will hear Justin talk about his life before and after his ADHD diagnosis, 9-months ago.  Justin says that his ADHD diagnosis gave him confidence at work.  He describes how his diagnosis and medication have impacted his work as a journeyman on scaffolding.  Justin is a man of many interests and passions, and I think you will enjoy this conversation and glimpse into Justin’s life. 

Connect with Justin Classen:

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:27] - Justin talks about his life before his ADHD diagnosis. He shares how he felt he was losing his identity.
  • [07:12] - Justin describes his childhood and schooling.
  • [09:14] - Justin shares how he “discovered” ADHD.
  • [10:42] - Justin explains the ADHD evaluation process in Canada.
  • [14:55] - Justin describes his work as a journeyman working on scaffolding.  
  • [16:42] - Justin says that working after his diagnosis gave him confidence.  
  • [19:18] - Justin talks about some of the risky behavior he engaged in prior to his diagnosis.
  • [22:19] - Justin explains what a journeyman is.
  • [24:25] - Justin shares how he became an exotic dancer.
  • [29:46] - Justin talks about his current interest in computer processing and building his own instruments.
  • [32:08] - We talk about MIDI.
  • [33:27] - Justin describes his career as a DJ.  
  • [38:41] - Now that he has been diagnosed, Justin shares that he needs to go back and review his past.
  • [40:10] - Impulsivity is something that Justin is still struggling with.
  • [42:45] - We talk about fidget items and the need for them.
  • [44:04] - Justin shares that he does not get restful sleep.  
  • [47:31] - Justin looks to the future.

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