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Aaron Anastasi returns to the podcast for this episode.  Aaron is a Southern Californian actor and film-maker who graduated with a master’s degree from Princeton.  He is a serial entrepreneur with an online presence that grosses seven-figures.  Aaron has the #1 singing life lesson channel on YouTube with over 20 million organic views and 250,000 subscribers.  Aaron is also a prominent success coach with a book that reached Amazon’s Top 100 Best-Sellers list within a week of its release.

In this conversation, you will hear Aaron talk about his new book, and he shares some stories and philosophies from the book.  Aaron talks about going from living in fantasy to seeing in reality. He shares some strategies on how to get to that point, and the role that feedback plays.  We also talk about passion, priorities, and music.

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Your Prosperous Mind: Discover what you really want, what’s holding you back, and how to get new results - Aaron Anastasi 

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:30] - Aaron talks about his new book, and what prompted him to write the book.
  • [08:34] - Aaron shares a story from his childhood that shows that it’s possible to live in fantasy and not see reality.
  • [12:55] - Aaron says that seeing reality is a necessary first step.
  • [17:55] - Aaron talks about what he wants to gain from asking questions.
  • [21:35] - I explain that we can’t control our automatic thoughts, but we can hit pause to re-think the situation.
  • [22:20] - Aaron encourages people to consider what’s “as true” or “more true.”
  • [24:46] - Aaron spent a few years preparing a music course.  He considers it a “major failure.”
  • [26:16] - Aaron talks about feedback and says that feedback is the connection between fantasy and reality.
  • [29:10] - We talk about the value of passion.
  • [33:05] - Aaron and I talk more about feedback.  He shares what kind of feedback he looks for with his books.
  • [37:50] - Aaron shares what he is doing with production and acting.
  • [39:22] - Aaron explains that he uses feedback to determine which areas of his life he should master.
  • [42:58] - Aaron talks about his acting, and how he moved into music.  We both talk about our relationship with music.
  • [46:00] - Aaron shares how he can tell when he’s stretched himself too thin and where his priorities are.
  • [51:13] - Aaron talks about tension in his book.  He explains there are two types of tension and how he processes this information.
  • [55:15] - Aaron explains how he will be celebrating the release of his book.
  • [56:30] - Aaron shares who his thought-leader influences are.

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Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life - Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

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