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No guest in the history of ADHD reWired has appeared as many times as Tom Nardone, and he joins me again on this episode.  If you’re new to the podcast, Tom and I have been friends since the start of this show.  He is the host of The Tom Nardone Show.  Tom was diagnosed with brain cancer in September of 2017.

In this episode, you’ll hear a lot of laughter and emotion from Tom.  Tom is always an open book, and this visit to the podcast is no exception.  Most of this conversation is Tom sharing the emotions that he is experiencing at this stage of his brain cancer recovery.  He is incredibly transparent and I think we all have a lot to learn from Tom, and how he handles this situation.

Connect with Tom Nardone:

Website - The Tom Nardone Show

You’ll Learn:

  • [09:21] - Tom came on the podcast about a week after brain surgery.  We talk about his communication skills after the surgery.
  • [11:16] - Tom talks about his experience leading up to and immediately following his surgery.
  • [17:00] - Tom describes what it’s like to go through radiation treatments.
  • [20:55] - Tom explains why he tries to maintain a sense of humor throughout the process and provides a few examples of his humor opportunities.
  • [27:55] - While Tom’s radiation has ended, and there is a tapering off period, he still has physical effects which leads to other people acting differently.
  • [32:01] - Tom has been experiencing some unexpected symptoms that he considers a night panic attack.
  • [37:17] - Tom shares why he struggles with his emotions during this time.
  • [46:28] - We are trying to raise money to help Tom with his healthcare costs.  You can donate at
  • [54:08] - Tom talks about the anxiety he’s feeling and the fear of disappointing others.
  • [1:05:03] - When it comes to ADHD, Tom says that he “is” ADHD.  He shares his thoughts on labels.
  • [1:10:14] - Tom shares how he feels about people interacting with him after they know he was diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • [1:13:40] - I have a little fun at Tom’s expense by having him repeat something he said earlier in the show.
  • [1:17:04] - Tom explains how paralysis has caused him to spit when he talks and eats.

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