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On this episode, Matt Beardsley joins me in my office.  First off, thanks to Matt for giving me the motivation to clean my office!  Matt is a husband, father, and friend.  In his professional life, he works in technology as a site reliability engineer.  Since his diagnosis in April of 2017, Matt has been able to go on a deeper journey of self-discovery, finding along the way, himself and the community he cherishes.   

In this conversation, you will hear Matt’s story.  He talks about his academics and emotions as a youth.  He explains his love for math and why he sees math as a place for creativity.  When Matt was evaluated for ADHD, he was nervous that he would not be diagnosed because, in his research, it seemed to answer so many questions.  You will also hear Matt describe some of the tools he uses to be efficient.   

You’ll Learn: 

  • [04:28] - Matt shares information on his background, which includes being labeled “sensitive” and being moved back and forth from advanced and standard classes.  
  • [12:32] - Matt explains why he found it easier to pay attention in math classes and he says that math has space for a lot of creativity. 
  • [14:38] - Matt talks about how numbers are abstract. An example is the fact that zero was not a number until a certain point. 
  • [16:45] - Matt looks back on the anxiety he would feel with tasks and the introduction of the “what if” monster. 
  • [21:42] - Matt says that, for him, numbers have shapes and feelings.  He explains why certain numbers are comfortable and uncomfortable.  
  • [25:30] - Matt explains agile methodology and “cracking the code of you.” 
  • [32:16] - Matt points out that we overestimate our ability to remember. 
  • [33:17] - Matt talks about doing a budget.  
  • [35:22] - Matt explains that 10% of your effort gets you to 90% of your goal.  The remaining 90% of your effort goes to the last 10% of your goal.  
  • [37:37] - Matt talks about his routines and some of the adaptations he uses to be efficient.  
  • [45:03] - Matt says his commute is the best three hours per day and he shares how he utilizes that time. 
  • [50:56] - Matt tells the story of his diagnosis. 
  • [1:00:07] - Matt talks about the support and love he receives from his family and the ADHD community. 
  • [1:04:25] - Imposter Syndrome is something Matt has encountered.  We talk about reframing the situation by saying “Welcome to the party.” 
  • [1:14:00] - Matt shares what a real apology sounds like.  
  • [1:16:49] - Matt talks about “emotional flood” and the loss of control that comes as a result. 
  • [1:20:00] - Matt explains that Delivered from Distraction made a lot of sense to him and his wife. 
  • [1:22:59] - Matt listened to the first episode of this podcast and my sharing that I felt “normal” after starting medication.  He had the realization he had never felt normal.  
  • [1:26:00] - Matt describes his first day on medication. 
  • [1:38:44] - Matt says that if you want to be good, you have to be the best that you can be. 

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