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Logan Nelson joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Logan is the creator of Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast, where he inspires and motivates listeners to scratch your own itch so that you can grow personally and professionally.  He is a performance enhancement expert and published author on thrive global.  Logan graduated with a BFA in Acting from NIU, and is now sharing his story and his “why.”   

In this conversation, you will hear Logan explain his why.  Logan opens up about body dysmorphia, the fear of failure, and a suicide attempt.  After that suicide attempt. Logan spent seven days in isolation, and those experiences have led Logan to the work that he’s doing now.   

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Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast 

You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:35] - Logan explains his “why.”  After 8 ½ years, he was not sure he still wanted to be an actor.   
  • [09:33] - After a breakup, Logan didn’t want to see his own face, and he explains why he felt that way. 
  • [10:24] - Logan describes body dysmorphia.  
  • [11:30] - Logan shares his struggle with the fear of failure.   
  • [12:32] - Logan believes that it’s good to joke about suffering.  
  • [13:47] - Logan shares that he made the decision to jump off the top of a five-floor parking garage.  This has led Logan to the work he’s now doing. 
  • [17:13] - Disproving a thought right away can help people with anxiety.   
  • [19:45] - According to Logan, our stories make up the person that you are.   
  • [21:54] - Logan says that scratching your own itch is about being creative, compassionate, curious, and making people feel less alone. 
  • [24:18] - Logan asks me to give an example of a time I experienced trauma and turned it into a positive.   
  • [32:23] - Logan wonders if the people who have things easy are asking themselves the quality questions that lead to a quality life.  
  • [33:47] - Sam Harris is someone Logan believes people should listen to.  This leads to a discussion on truth and integrity. 
  • [37:42] - Logan says that he reflects on times when he is the happiest.  However, he realized these were times when there was gossip.  
  • [45:00] - Logan explains how he challenges his inner-dialogue and preconceived ideologies about himself.  
  • [49:29] - Logan shares why he feels embarrassed 
  • [51:27] - After his suicide attempt, Logan did seven days of isolation.   
  • [56:31] - Logan talks about gratitude.   
  • [1:00:34] - I read a passage of Brene Brown’s Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted

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