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Jamie Popernack is a recovering achievement addict living a fiercely simple life with her husband and daughter.  Jamie is a public health educator who works at a crisis program.  She has a lot of love for the ADHD tribe.   

In this conversation, you will hear Jamie explain the idea of achievement addictions.  She shares how she fell into that trap.  She was hustling for her self-worth and doing things because she had to and it looked good.  Her motivation was no longer to help people, but to make herself feel good.  One of the ways Jamie combats this achievement addiction is living what she calls a “fiercely simple life.”  Jamie also tells about her career, working suicide prevention.  She shares some insight into this year.  She says, “You can’t prevent suicide without talking about it.”   

Connect with Jamie Popernack 

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:44] - Jamie explains that she is coming on the podcast because of a dare.  
  • [07:42] - Although she wasn’t a perfectionist, Jamie feels that she is a recovering achievement addict.  She shares what this means to her. 
  • [09:42] - Jamie shares her ADHD story.   
  • [11:50] - Jamie says that her achievement addiction started in college.  
  • [12:55] - Jamie shares some of her “epically messy” weaknesses and a forgetfulness story from college.  
  • [14:56] - Being hospitable and community drives her to want to improve.  
  • [17:05] - Jamie talks about some of the labels that have been attached to her over the years. 
  • [19:33] - Jamie explains the concept of living a “fiercely simple” life.  
  • [24:55] - Jamie describes how she approaches her day.  It starts with meditation and prayer.  She shares how she deals with time.  
  • [26:22] - Jamie shares her experience of working in a restaurant.  
  • [28:55] - Jamie talks about the support she receives from her husband.  
  • [31:17] - Jamie takes us back to the roots of her achievement addiction.   
  • [40:08] - After college, Jamie ended up working in the disability community.  She shares her goals of learning how to love and learning how to be still.  
  • [47:30] - Jamie describes her current job, working in suicide prevention.   
  • [52:28] - Jamie explains that you need self-love to be able to help people.  
  • [52:22] - Jamie encourages individuals struggling with thoughts of suicide to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-2255. 
  • [54:18] - Jamie suggests if you are concerned about someone’s well being, you should ask directly about suicide.   
  • [56:28] - There are red flags with suicide and Jamie says she doesn’t understand the statement, “that’s just a cry for help.” 
  • [57:10] - Jamie explains why sometimes her ADHD works to her advantage in her work.  
  • [59:45] - Jamie claims she would rather give birth than do paperwork.  This leads to a discussion on what she learned about ADHD from childbirth.  
  • [1:04:48] - Jamie experienced conscious surrender, and that led to stillness.  She talks about letting go in labor and carrying that with her in life.  
  • [1:09:53] - In this conversation, Jamie said that she’d like to start a blog.  I put my coaching hat on and push her on this a little.  

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