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Randy Kulman joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Randy is the founder and president of an educational technology company, LearningWorks for Kids.  They specialize in using video games to teach executive functioning and academic skills.  For the past 25 years, Dr. Kulman has also been the clinical director and president of South County Child and Family Consultants, a private practice that specializes in assessments and interventions for children with learning disorders and attention difficulties.  He has authored numerous essays and book chapters on the use of technology in improving executive functioning skills.   

In this episode, you will hear Randy talk about translating game-based learning into the real world.  He describes how “Detect-Reflect-Connect” helps individuals connect skills developed in games to the real world.  He also talks about the career fields individuals with ADHD and processing speed deficits are drawn to and explains that parents can help nurture positive self-esteem in their children by nudging them into certain activities.  

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:15] - Randy talks about some of his current projects.   
  • [07:24] - I talk about my own addiction to Minecraft, and Randy talks about why it’s difficult to stop playing these games.   
  • [10:42] - Randy describes the concept of “play diet.”  He also defines “play” as an optional, voluntary activity that you choose to do.   
  • [14:30] - Randy explains how we can use games and apps to learn.  He says that games provide the opportunity to develop skills.   
  • [18:11] - Randy says that “Detect-Reflect-Connect” helps individuals connect skills developed in games to the real world.  
  • [19:22] - According to Randy, apps are supports to executive skills.   
  • [22:51] - Randy talks about the time it takes to practice a new behavior, and he talks about the effect of exercise on the brain. 
  • [24:40] - Randy emphasizes the importance of maintenance.   
  • [29:25] - Randy talks about how virtual reality is being used for assessing ADHD.  
  • [36:48] - Randy defines “processing speed” and talks about why it has become an interesting issue over the last 15-20 years.  
  • [40:08] - We talk about individuals with ADHD who are gifted, yet struggle with processing speed. 
  • [45:08] - Randy shares how he dictates his notes into his phone. 
  • [47:25] - Randy talks about a study that found that slow reaction time associated with slow processing speed was associated with depression 20-years later.   
  • [48:55] - Randy lists some careers that have higher rates of people with slower processing speed.  
  • [52:50] - Randy explains that he tells parents of children with ADHD that their biggest job in life is to nudge them into activities and interests where ADHD doesn’t really matter.  
  • [56:00] - Randy describes how he manages his life with technology.   

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