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Lisa Alexoff is an experienced licensed clinical professional counselor with a demonstrated history in the mental health and healthcare fields.  She specializes in helping children, teens, adults, and families in dealing with ADHD, anxiety, and medical issues.  She enjoys collaborating with clients as they discover the next best steps on their journey to a healthier life.   

In this conversation, you will hear Lisa’s ADHD story.  Right now, the group of people being diagnosed with ADHD at the highest rate is women over 40.  This was when Lisa realized she has ADHD.  We talk about some of the developments in ADHD diagnosis in women.   

The bulk of this discussion revolves around motivation.  Lisa explains that ADHD is about energy management. If we can put our energy in the right place, we can be successful.  Lisa tells us that we are motivated because we are blissed, dissed, or pissed.  We each share some of our strategies for motivation, and some of these could be defined as Lisa’s “woo woo” strategies.   

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Phone - 847-962-1639 

You’ll Learn: 

  • [08:21] - Lisa introduces herself, and describes her “former lives.” 
  • [10:36] - Lisa was in grad school in her early 40’s and realized that she has ADHD.   
  • [13:34] - Lisa explains that she doesn’t get the desired effect from stimulants.  This leads to a discussion on medication.   
  • [20:34] - I share my current medication cocktail. 
  • [22:23] - We talk about developments in ADHD diagnosis in women.   
  • [24:45] - Lisa explains how motivation works for people with ADHD.   
  • [25:28] - Lisa says that people with ADHD experience three forms of motivations.  They need to be blissed, dissed, or pissed.   
  • [27:10] - Lisa talks about being in a classroom during one of the first school shootings. 
  • [30:45] - Lisa shares that one of her clients said that he is most motivated when he is desperate.   
  • [32:25] - I share my new approach, “diversify joy by scheduling joy.”  I also talk about my struggles in March, and how my response has helped me. 
  • [36:16] - Lisa talks about paying for a personal trainer.  We consider what the motivational framework would be to stay on schedule with the trainer.  
  • [44:41] - We talk about finding motivation if you’re not blissed, dissed, or pissed. 
  • [47:55] - I explain that part of being successful when you have ADHD is being able to push through a task when you don’t feel like doing it.  
  • [51:00] - Lisa shares that we should focus on our top five priorities. 
  • [54:34] - I share that things can drop off your to-do list.   
  • [56:00] - We both share our distaste of paperwork, and talk about other work tasks we struggle with.  
  • [1:02:37] - Lisa talks about the things you can do when you’re in a self-destructive mode.  
  • [1:05:50] - Lisa shares the “woo woo” things she does.  

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