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I think you’re going to love this week’s episode. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  On this episode, you will hear a mastermind session we recently did with my alumni admin team.  The idea of a mastermind was introduced by the book Think and Grow Rich.  The idea is that a group of people convene, and someone experiencing a challenge sits in the hot seat.  Instead of just trying to solve their problem on their own, the group becomes their mastermind.  

On this episode, you’re going to hear Marisol talk about her struggle with diet and exercise.  Marisol shares her history with weight loss and healthy eating and talks about where she is in this area of her life now.  Several participants ask clarifying questions, which help us explore other areas of this topic.  By the end of the conversation, Marisol has a clear vision of what she needs to do and how she’s going to do it.  

You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:31] - Marisol explains what her current struggle is.  She says that she’s experienced a weight issue for about half of her life.  She is looking for guidance on food choices and exercise.  
  • [09:04] - Marisol says she can stick with an exercise routine for a few weeks or a few months.   
  • [11:37] - Marisol explains herself as a obliger with a little bit of rebellion.  
  • [12:38] - When asked about her sleep, Marisol describes her sleep patterns. 
  • [13:22] - Evening snacking tends to be a trouble-spot for Marisol. 
  • [14:42] - Marisol shares what food tempts her the most, and when/why it tempts her. 
  • [17:03] - After struggling with moderation, Marisol realized this strategy does not work for her.  
  • [19:41] - Marisol explains why she wants to make these changes in her life. 
  • [22:17] - Since she already feels like she’s not home enough, the idea of going to the gym seems tough. 
  • [26:32] - Marisol describes her evening routine. 
  • [28:34] - After recently doing a taekwondo session with her daughter, she enjoyed it quite a bit.   
  • [33:53] - A participant encourages Marisol to consider a gym with childcare services. 
  • [35:13] - Tina references the book, Better Than Before, and she explains how we struggle with the back and forth. 
  • [37:52] - Marisol says that she has not discussed diet and body image with her children.  She explains why this is the case.  I share how I discuss this with my son. 
  • [39:57] - Natalie comments that Marisol has some factors working in her favor.   
  • [42:15] - Another participant talks about the book, It’s Not About the Broccoli.  
  • [45:48] - Erica shares the difficulty women have in the areas of body image.   
  • [48:01] - Without thinking about the outcome, Marisol shares some of her steps in the process.  
  • [52:00] - Marisol finishes this thought, “I am a person who…” 
  • [53:36] - I ask Marisol how she will remember this in the future.  
  • [58:05] - Marisol shares which commitments she wants to make in this area of her life. 
  • [1:01:12] - Marisol talks about the experience of being on the hot seat.  

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