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Nathalie Pedicelli joins me on the podcast this week.  Nathalie is a professional organizer and an ADHD organizer coach-in-training.  She wants to live in a world where people with ADHD are recognized as geniuses, where asking questions and challenging the status quo is a good thing.  With over 25 years of organizing people, events, and places, she is a speaker on how organization helps people with ADHD live a less chaotic and more productive life.  

On this episode, Nathalie will share her knowledge and experience in the area of organization.  She shares her history of organizing, and in our conversation, we tackle many areas of life where organization can be a real struggle.  In this conversation, Nathalie gives us all practical tips to implement to become more organized.  

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [03:45] - Nathalie talks about an RV she converted to an office.  
  • [06:12] - Nathalie describes what a organizational coach is.  
  • [11:15] - Nathalie shares her history of organizing, and explains that this was a natural thing for her.  
  • [15:58] - Seeing creative potential in things can cause people to collect things.  Nathalie talks about her experience working with people that engage in this behavior. 
  • [20:38] - Nathalie explains how the fear of missing out contributes to hoarding. 
  • [26:21] - Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of can be a difficult task for many people. Nathalie explains how to view these situations.  
  • [29:10] - I have heard that it’s best to decide on whether or not to keep an item without touching it.  Nathalie is able to draw on her experience and talk about this idea. 
  • [35:44] - I ask Nathalie for some coaching advice for our kitchen counters.  She covers some organizational strategies. 
  • [48:00] - Nathalie describes the purpose of a sanity basket. 
  • [50:48] - Meal preparation can be a challenge for people with ADHD.  Nathalie shares some meal prep tips. 
  • [56:22] - For many people, the garage is a dumping ground.  Nathalie gives some rules for having an organized garage.  
  • [1:00:28] - Nathalie explains her statement, “When you’re sorting, there’s no deciding.” 
  • [1:01:47] - We have lots of wedding gifts we’ve never used.  Nathalie suggests selling or giving away these items. 
  • [1:04:19] - Nathalie suggests throwing an event to get an organizing project completed. 
  • [1:07:14] - Nathalie shares several organizational quick tips. 
  • [1:11:28] - Nathalie suggests a few books, ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life and Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD.  

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