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Jason Warren joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Jason is a writer, theatre director, and acting teacher based in London, UK.  This autumn, he will go to Bucharest to help build Romania’s first large-scale interactive production.  He trains actors in London, and his experience with ADHD and neurodiversity are a fundamental part of the skills he teaches.   

In this conversation, you will hear Jason talk about his career and how his recent ADHD diagnosis impacts it.  We cover many topics in the episode, including decision fatigue, routine, language, task management, and much more.   

Connect with Jason Warren: 

Twitter - @AxisCarthage 

You’ll Learn: 

  • [03:32] - Jason describes the school where he trains actors. 
  • [04:02] - Jason shares his background with acting and the theatre. 
  • [05:27] - “Creating Worlds” is Jason’s book, and he talks about the purpose of this book. 
  • [08:14] - Jason’s mother introduced him to the theatre at around five-years-old. He describes his journeys in acting and ADHD. 
  • [14:02] - Jason says that at around age 22 or 23, he benefited from support.  Now he gets to provide support to others. 
  • [17:22] - Jason was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  He also talks about his dyspraxia diagnosis.  
  • [20:50] - With his ADHD in mind, Jason shares how he navigates the tasks of his job. He shares how ADHD positively and negatively impacts his ability to do his job. 
  • [24:43] - Jason explains how he uses language to create actionable items. 
  • [30:56] - I share a concept I teach in my groups.  We need to assume we’re going to forget everything.  
  • [32:43] - Jason says that when he implemented changes with his organizational strategies, he lost flexibility.   
  • [41:32] - Jason talks about the areas he is working on to manage his ADHD. 
  • [48:36] - Jason says he handles the work/life struggle as a freelancer “with difficulty.” 
  • [53:17] - We discuss hyper-focus.   
  • [1:00:33] - Jason shares some of his thoughts on the idea of a growth mindset.   
  • [1:03:45] - If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, Jason has a few words of wisdom for you. 

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Creating Worlds: How to Make Immersive Theatre - Jason Warren

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