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Natalie Walker joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Natalie is a multi-creative who has tackled some pretty big dreams and always has been determined never to allow her different brain to define or stifle what she has gone after in her life.  She’s a mom, a songwriter, a makeup artist, a chef, and probably a bunch of other things!   

Natalie is a creative artist, and I think you will enjoy this conversation with Natalie about her background, her ADHD diagnosis, and her music.  She talks about how her music career started, while she was away at college.  She shares how she gets herself in the right mindset to create art, and she also shares some advice for struggle creatives.   

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [04:23] - Natalie recently discovered this podcast. We talk about how this conversation came to be.  
  • [05:55] - Natalie shares her ADHD story, starting in childhood. 
  • [14:07] - Natalie recounts her high school years when she continued to immerse herself in music.  
  • [19:10] - After high school, Natalie talks about attempting college, connecting with musicians, quitting college, moving to Philadelphia, and having a baby. 
  • [26:00] - Natalie shares where some of her music has been used.  
  • [28:03] - “Urban Angel” is her favorite album, and she talks about her songwriting style.  
  • [29:53] - On our break, we play one of Natalie’s songs, “Quicksand.” 
  • [34:24] - Natalie talks about her creative process when it comes to writing music.  
  • [39:43] - Natalie’s music has a dark/melancholy tone to it.  She explains how the music allows her to tell her story and bring out things she usually doesn’t verbalize. 
  • [42:28] - In order to get herself into the right mindset and place, she needs to separate herself from her regular life to write music. 
  • [44:25] - Because the amount of time she has for writing is limited, she feels that the pressure actually helps her write music.  
  • [51:08] - Natalie shares some words of wisdom for struggling creatives. 
  • [55:08] - Natalie says that while she hasn’t written songs about ADHD, there may be some indirect relationship between her music and ADHD. She could see herself writing about ADHD in the future. 

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