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This episode is the recording of August’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A.   

This month, we have a few questions on careers.  We talk about exploring careers and finding the one that best suits us and our strengths and weaknesses, and we talk about being successful with a manager or in a workplace that is not necessarily ADHD-friendly.  

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [07:09] - Jennifer starts with a question about working for a manager or in an organizational structure that is not friendly to techniques people with ADHD use to thrive.  She also asks about disclosing ADHD.   
  • [18:13] - Nick asks about using rewards to manufacture a habit.   
  • [23:30] - Madeline admits to starting a lot of things, and finishing few of them because of “choice paralysis.”  She asks how to overcome this.  
  • [30:40] - Christian shares a dilemma with us.  He believes he is in the career field he wants to do, but now he’s not sure.  He’s having trouble with blending his passions with his abilities, which are impacted by ADHD.  This leads to a discussion on self-awareness and strengths.   
  • [44:45] - We answer another question about accomplishing career goals.  Brendan and I share our thoughts on satisfaction in careers. 
  • [49:05] - Sheila is worried about being overwhelmed and stressed with her daughter visiting.  She wonders how to get her emotions under control.  We share some ideas with her. 
  • [1:00:30] - Brendan shares how the heat and humidity have impacted his productivity.  
  • [1:03:10] - Brendan asks me how I transition from one minor task to another minor task.  I share my strategy with these situations. 
  • [1:04:45] - Brendan asks how I avoid being derailed by infrequent appointments. This leads to a discussion on cars. 

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