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This episode is part of a four-episode series of mastermind session.  A mastermind group is a concept that comes from the book, Think and Grow Rich.  We have implemented this concept into our ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups. Alumni of our coaching groups have the opportunity to work with me as “addmins,” and those members get an entire hour to sit in the hot seat in our mastermind sessions.

This week, Diana will sit in the hot seat, and we are joined by Natalie, Dan, and Sandra.  The morning routine on non-urgent days is what has Diana hung up right now. Throughout this conversation, you will hear us offer suggestions, tips, techniques, and strategies to help her make these mornings productive.  If you find it difficult to get started in the mornings, you should have plenty of things to try after listening to this episode.

You’ll Learn:

  • [11:02] - The members of this mastermind introduce themselves, including Diana who is sitting in the hot seat this week.
  • [13:57] - Diana shares that she’s been struggling with her morning routine on non-urgent days.
  • [15:30] - Diana talks about the things she’s implemented to try to create some consistency.  
  • [21:05] - Dan asks if Diana has experienced insomnia and what may have caused that lack of sleep.  This leads to a discussion on sleep.
  • [27:02] - Sandra asks about Diana’s medication.  
  • [29:55] - Sandra suggests Diana recall the last time she had a non-urgent morning and it didn’t work out the way she wanted.  
  • [33:16] - I ask Sandra if she’s ok with choosing comfort over courage.
  • [34:47] - Dan shares that when he thinks about data and analyzing what’s working and not working, his mind gets stirred up.  Diana talks about what the pebbles are. These are the small things that seem to trip her up.
  • [37:19] - Natalie shares that this conversation is speaking to her because she shares some of these issues.  She finds herself wasting entire mornings by hitting the snooze button. The Fabulous app is something that has helped her.
  • [40:00] - We discuss the individual steps that could help with her morning routine.
  • [43:38] - Natalie says that the inside of her refrigerator makes for a good dry erase board.
  • [47:26] - I suggest the app, Wake and Shake Alarm and the clocks Clocky and Tocky. I also talk about the Pavlok, which I don’t wholly endorse.
  • [54:30] - Dan asks, “What’s important to you?” when trying to find the motivation to get up and get the day going.  He also suggests finding the areas where other people are depending on her.
  • [57:09] - Natalie explains how she has benefitted from this conversation and the strategies she is going to implement to help her with these areas where she is having trouble.
  • [58:30] - I explain why sleep hygiene is more important than the number of hours of sleep.
  • [1:02:54] - Sandra shares that this discussion reminds her a lot of her own mastermind.  She shares some advice I gave her in that mastermind.
  • [1:08:09] - We talk about using music to motivate in the morning.
  • [1:09:12] - Dan suggests that Diana’s husband helps get her going in the morning.  
  • [1:13:13] - We talk about vitamins, specifically Vitamin B.
  • [1:14:52] - Diana has resisted undergoing a sleep study.  We convince her to make an appointment for a sleep study.
  • [1:16:57] - I suggest morning errands and exercise classes to help Dianna get moving in the mornings.
  • [1:20:28] - Diana shares what she would like to commit to.

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