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The guest of this episode is Emily Parks.  Emily is a productivity consultant and the owner of Organize for Success.  She is an Evernote certified consultant. A lover of technology, Emily can help with prioritization, email, calendar management, and everything else that we could all use help with.  

In this conversation, you will hear Emily share a ton of super helpful tips and strategies.  This is a can’t-miss episode if you would like to become more efficient in areas of your life with things like digital clutter, time-blocking, and email.  At the end of the episode, you’ll even hear Emily share some tips specific to this holiday time of the year.

Connect with Emily Parks

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You’ll Learn:

  • [02:26] - “Our brain is made for thinking, not remembering.”
  • [03:28] -  Emily shares her answer to “What’s the best tool for remembering things?” She shares a few reasons she loves Evernote.
  • [05:36] - Emily says that she uses Evernote as her external brain.
  • [07:19] - When it comes to Evernote, Emily never recommends having too much of anything.  
  • [08:57] - Emily shares tips on naming folders in Evernote.
  • [10:54] - I describe my “1-2-3 Hack.”
  • [12:42] - If using the subject line is too overwhelming, you can rename your default notebook and use it as an inbox to hold items for processing.
  • [15:38] - “One is the most productive number” is Emily’s line of thinking behind having people do an audit
  • [24:57] - We tend to scatter our organization.  Emily talks about managing this clutter.
  • [27:27] - Emily addresses the issue of social media notifications.
  • [31:00] - It’s easy to get sucked into the neverending stream of videos on Facebook.  Emily shares how to keep yourself from falling into those traps.
  • [34:49] - Emily encourages me (and all of us) to do our daily wrap-up.
  • [43:11] - Daily planning is very important for people with ADHD, and Emily gives tips on staying on track.  
  • [51:20] - Emily talks more about time-blocking methods.
  • [57:26] - Emily and I share a hatred of email.  Emily shares some tips and tricks related to email.
  • [1:00:35] - Emily gives a few tips on keeping phone calls short in length.
  • [1:03:00] - Email: Checking vs. Processing
  • [1:07:24] - Emily talks about staying productive and on-task during the holidays.

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