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The guest for this episode is Shelley Ann Morris.  Shelley is an administrative assistant receptionist who assists people who are blind.  She volunteers at CKCU FM and hosts the show Welcome to My World.  Shelley is a triathlete who does sprints and Olympic distance triathlons.  She was born with significant vision loss.

In this conversation, you will hear Shelley talk about being diagnosed at age 44, and she explains how being born with a vision disability gave her the skills and tools to cope with ADHD.  Shelley talks about coming out of the “dark days” and how connecting with a coach and counselor, she was able to find success in the workplace and life.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [03:32] - Shelley was diagnosed with ADHD at age 44.  She describes her vision loss.
  • [05:12] - Shelley explains why she sought a diagnosis.
  • [09:17] - She describes how being born with a vision disability gave her the skills and tools to cope with ADHD.  It comes down to decisions to be better or bitter.
  • [15:22] - Shelley talks about her dark days and challenges.
  • [21:43] - Taking positive steps and forgiving others in her dark days helped her find her way.
  • [24:36] - She explains how she connected with a coach and counselor, and what she worked on with them.
  • [26:46] - Shelley describes how she works best.
  • [30:35] - The variety of tasks and the energy from people helps Shelley succeed as an administrative assistant and receptionist.  She also talks about the benefit of having a good manager.
  • [32:01] - A listener of Shelley’s radio show was prompted to seek an evaluation for ADHD.  
  • [34:40] - Shelley explains that because she’s been hurt, she goes out her way to not hurt others.
  • [35:24] - While she was between jobs, she managed volunteers.  When she introduced herself via email, she encouraged people to communicate challenges with her.
  • [42:32] - Shelley describes some of the accommodations she receives to be successful at work.
  • [48:38] - Shelley says that ADHD is a bigger beast to deal with than low vision.
  • [52:50] - Listening to music helps inspire Shelley.  
  • [55:18] - Shelley explains why she sometimes feels like The Grinch, but not for a reason you’d expect.  This leads to a discussion on background noise and distractions.
  • [1:00:50] - Shelley says there are a lot of resources to help.  
  • [1:02:00] - Shelley talks about her athletic endeavors as a triathlete.

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