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This episode is another mastermind session.  Kat, Katie, Juliet, Dave, and Carrie join me in this discussion with Roxy, who is in the hot seat.  Roxy has decided that the theme for this episode is “aging out of opportunities.”

In this discussion, you will hear Roxy express a desire for a change, but she is a bit overwhelmed by the number of options she has.  Throughout the conversation, it becomes clear that Roxy feels drawn to the idea of being an ADHD coach.  We talk about what appeals to her about being an ADHD coach, and some of the reasons she feels some apprehension.  One thing that intimidates her is marketing, and I share my experience of overcoming this and other fears in my journey.  

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Building Your Ideal Practice

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:42] - Roxy shares that she’d like to mastermind the theme of aging out of opportunities.  She feels she has too many options and too little clarity. 
  • [02:23] - Juliet asks if there are areas with positive experiences that could help guide her. 
  • [04:07] - Katie asks a clarifying question about the theme “aging out of opportunities.” 
  • [05:35] - I share what I envision when I hear “aging out of opportunities,” and ask Katie to further explain it from her perspective.  This leads to a discussion on pursuing becoming an ADHD coach. 
  • [10:11] - Dave feels that Roxy discounts her career, and wonders if she doesn’t value it. She says that living in a college town impacts the way she views things.  
  • [18:22] - Carrie wonders how much satisfaction Roxy currently gets from helping people. 
  • [25:12] - Juliet suggests Roxy consider teaching/coaching hairdressers. 
  • [26:50] - Roxy shares what her future would look like after a coaching certification. 
  • [31:13] - We talk about changing our perspective on “starting late.” 
  • [36:48] - Roxy says her first action is to talk more with people to determine the next step. I push Roxy to set some decision dates. 
  • [41:12] - Kat asks Roxy what her word of the year, “courage” looks like to her. 
  • [45:04] - Roxy shares some of her fears about this change, but believes these fears are out of her control.  Marketing is something that intimidates her. 
  • [50:36] - Kat says that they were drawn to me because I am authentic, and Roxy needs to be herself in everything, including marketing. 
  • [54:00] - Katie addresses the fact that Roxy doesn’t see herself as consistent.  
  • [56:56] - We talk about acquiring testimonials, and learning marketing. 

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