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This episode is another mastermind group session.  This conversation is with ADHD reWired alumni from our 14th season.  This week, Katie returns to the podcast and is in the hot seat. We are joined by Kat, Roxy, Juliet, and Carrie.  

In this conversation, you will hear Katie describe her situation.  She would like to find her passion and potentially make a career out of it.  Katie enjoys creating content, specifically on YouTube. By the end of the conversation, Katie has an idea of what she wants to do, and she will have a timeline for herself to accomplish this goal.  

Connect with Katie:

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The Art of Asking:  How I learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help - Amanda Palmer

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:19] - Katie shares that she is looking to mastermind finding her passion.  She has struggled with decisions, so figuring out what passion to focus on has been difficult.
  • [02:56] - Carrie asks about any limitations.  Katie would like to turn a passion into a career, but she’s having a hard time wrapping her head around that idea.
  • [03:47] - Roxy asks Katie to list some of her passions.  Katie explains why she is drawn to content creation via YouTube.  This leads to a discussion on the number of things Katie is good at.  
  • [08:11] - In the past, she got overwhelmed when she restricted her efforts to one thing.  She shared an example of this happening.
  • [09:53] - Kat suggests the idea of “seasons” with a podcast or YouTube channel, which would allow her to keep her interests in several areas, rather than focus on just one.
  • [12:26] - Juliet follows up on Katie’s earlier comment about being a Kindergarten teacher.
  • [14:55] - Carrie asks Katie to consider what she likes about each of her options.  
  • [22:03] - Katie describes “work.”  She describes what she finds fulfilling.  
  • [25:17] - Katie talks about how Jesse’s skills complement her own.  I talk with her about doing what you love and incorporating outsourcing.
  • [31:18] - Katie gives a few reasons why she is interested in moving toward following her passions.
  • [32:14] - We talk about talents and “gift.”  
  • [33:32] - Katie says a lack of action on other things in life and the fact she’s not on her medication is making moving towards her goal difficult.  I share that ADHD is a performance disorder.
  • [36:08] - Katie shares what she is doing to simplify things.
  • [41:15] - Katie tells us what her lifelong vision is, which is something that is happening soon!
  • [45:29] - Carrie asks if there are pain-points that might help Katie focus on specific things.  She admits that she does not ask for help enough.
  • [50:59] - Katie says she struggles with meal prep.
  • [53:48] - We discuss the idea of Katie having a YouTube Channel on being an ADHD mom.
  • [57:27] - Katie shares a recent epiphany.
  • [1:03:43] - Katie decides how and when she will take action.
  • [1:12:40] - Katie comes up with an impromptu song about her time on the hot seat.

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