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This episode is another mastermind group session!  This conversation is with ADHD reWired Addmin, who help with our coaching group.  This week, Juliet sits in the hot seat. Also in the mastermind call are Kat, Dave, Katie, and Roxy.

In this conversation, you will hear Juliet describe her situation and challenges.  Juliet feels that situations in her life go in circles. She’d like to change her outcomes by doing things differently instead of doing them the same ways, expecting different results.  Throughout this conversation, you will hear the other members of the group and me ask her questions, share our own experiences, and provide some action-items to help her get past these things that seem to be holding her back.  

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:05] - Juliet shares that she keeps going in circles with everything.  She provides a few examples of this happening in her life. This is what she’d like to mastermind.  
  • [04:21] - Juliet describes what is happening now in this area. 
  • [06:02] -  Working on this area of her life is important to Juliet.
  • [07:22] - Juliet is not sure how other people view her.  She feels this comes from her personality being extreme on both ends.
  • [10:10] - There is a fair amount of neurodiversity in Juliet’s family.  She talks about her self-concept as a person and mom on the spectrum.
  • [12:49] - Juliet describes her last job and why she lost interest in it.
  • [16:26] - I suggest Juliet come up with a more proactive self-care plan.  Kat asks Juliet about the difference between self-care and selfishness.
  • [18:31] - Dave points out that Juliet is navigating a lot of situations.  
  • [21:10] - Katie asks how long it takes Juliet to notice she’s getting burned out in a job.  We talk about preemptively handling this situation.
  • [28:03] - Katie encourages Juliet to consider taking “staycations” to avoid burnout from work.  She also suggests Katie find someone in the workplace to help her with honest feedback.
  • [30:00] - Juliet talks about the possibility of working with families of children on the spectrum.  I see the passion when she talks about this possibility, and encourage her to pursue this.
  • [33:02] - Juliet describes her ideal work day.
  • [37:28] - Roxy asks Juliet if there are things that work to bring her into the present.
  • [39:46] - Roxy wonders if there are things outside of her support group that she’s like to implement to help her regroup.  
  • [42:11] - Juliet talks about how she manages her calendar and tasks.  
  • [45:47] - I share an opinion on empathy with people on the spectrum.  
  • [47:30] - Kat talks about working with a client going through self-care guilt.  She shares her personal experience.
  • [50:56] - I share how I manage certain events on my calendar.
  • [51:57] - Roxy talks about giving herself a time-out can help in some interpersonal situations.
  • [56:05] - I share a situation where I lost my patience with my son.
  • [58:55] - Juliet shares the actions she would like to take.

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