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This episode is the recording of March’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A.

We cover a variety of topics on this episode.  We talk about anxiety, impulsivity, consistency, resiliency, accommodations, and much more.  In this conversation, Brendan has many opportunities to point you to episodes of his podcast.  

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You’ll Learn:

  • [03:29] - Deborah asks what accommodations would be appropriate for someone who works a desk job.   We share several accommodations and tips on the timing of requesting accommodations.
  • [10:19] - Chelsea asks how to be more consistent.  She is having trouble keeping pace with her goals. I suggest focusing on resiliency instead of consistency.
  • [20:38] - Susan would like to find a good ADHD coach.  Because coaching is not covered by her insurance, she’d like to find good coaching that fits in her budget.
  • [26:24] - Meghan shares that she is impulsive with the things she says.  She asks how to slow her response to avoid saying hurtful things to her husband.  Brendan and I provide some strategies to try.
  • [35:56] - We answer a question from Facebook.  This person wants to know how ADHD medications impact Autism Spectrum Disorder.  
  • [39:28] - Theresa asks for events like this Q&A for youth.  Brendan points out that he does a podcast on/for this population.
  • [45:14] - Brendan talks about navigating anxiety and getting that in check before looking at the ADHD.  I talk about doing food experiments with a family. Certain foods impact how we feel.
  • [49:13] - Kate asks how to identify what is ADHD and what is anxiety.  Brendan shares some tips on this identification process. I take a more clinical approach to the topic.  
  • [53:43] - Rosa would like to know how to get a day back on a track after experiencing anxiety. I can relate to this, and I share how physical exercise helps me. Brendan also suggests social interaction.
  • [58:10] - Brendan goes through some important and useful episodes of his podcast.  

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