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Today we are sitting in an ADHD mastermind session, where our group will chat about how clutter affects our lives, what we can do about the clutter on a day-to-day basis. How can you be proactive about not making the clutter, how to keep the house clean, and how you can get your family involved to work together to keep your place organized.

We talk about how you can get a hold of clutter by making decisions on the spot and taking a few minutes to take care of the mess, so the clutter doesn't pile up in the first place. What you need to do for the first "domino" to get your family started on a team effort for household chores. Tying one habit to a habit that's already in place can quickly transfer into more work done.

Your Resources
The One Thing Book | How you can make a difference on outcomes

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:39] Marisol shares her troubles with clutter and her family’s role in clearing clutter in the house.
  • [06:01] Does Marisol fulfill society’s role as a female who should do the housework even though she’s a full-time mom and she works full-time.
  • [07:39] The processes Marisol have tried to get her family to pitch in to clear the house.
  • [09:55] What can her children do that are 10 and 6 years of age?
  • [12:50] List of house chores and who has responsibility for different house chores
  • [16:34] What is the first domino of getting the family involved in household chores?
  • [20:52] Fit one thing here and there and add small items one at a time to achieve your goal.
  • [27:10] Atomic Habits is the book recommendation for this episode from Eric.
  • [27:54] Carrie talks about having goals for the month and to pick one goal at a time.
  • [32:51] What is the self-talk when you put something down where it doesn’t belong?
  • [39:09] How to use the two sticky note strategy for a reminder.
  • [42:44] How can we queue ourselves to remind us to do an activity when we don’t want to?
  • [54:07] Methods to make sure things have a “home” to place them repeatedly to keep track of items you can easily lose.
  • [58:40] The open loops we have created the anxiety which we feel on a daily basis.
  • [60:18] What Marisol can get rid of from her craft space to make her space a place she can craft with her kids.
  • [64:45] Is not giving things away Marisol isn’t using a way of not saying goodbye to her friend?
  • [65:56] What would Marisol’s friend say to her if she saw her craft table?
  • [67:03] Marisol decides to donate the art supplies she hasn’t used to her daughter’s preschool teacher, who her daughter is very fond of.
  • [70:13] Marisol’s teacher will be receiving the supplies by a certain date for a sense of urgency.
  • [74:45] Using pictures to show others what you would like them to do.

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