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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Sharon Weinberg to discuss how ADHD affects the leadership role. We chat about how ADHD changes the dynamic between leaders and their team members and how best to approach different kinds of conversations to create strong bonds and positive environments.

As a leader with ADHD, it is important to understand and acknowledge how the condition affects your interactions with your team. It is also important for employees with ADHD to be open in conversation to elicit the most pertinent and usable feedback. Altering and realigning messaging helps create a positive environment for all. Sharon also shares in-depth about how evaluating processes and altering them to better match the capabilities of those with ADHD leads to more efficient and effective teams.

One of my goals for this year is to re-evaluate my leadership style and the ways that I lead. This conversation with Sharon was unbelievably enlightening and provided me with amazing insights into how I can change my own processes. If you are a leader with ADHD or you have ADHD and want to develop a better relationship with your leaders, this episode is for you.

Your Resources

Dare to Lead - Brene Brown
Leading with Emotional Courage - Peter Bregman
Ram Charan
ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:14] - Welcome back to the show! Today I chat with Sharon Weinberg about ADHD and how it affects leadership roles.
  • [04:08] - Sharon has been developing leaders in the corporate world for many years and across two different careers.
  • [08:00] - Leadership is about communication, strategy, and implementation and Sharon reveals what that means and understanding leadership legacy.
  • [14:50] - Context is key when providing feedback to your colleagues and co-workers.
  • [16:13] - Proficiency and consistency are required for building behaviors both with ADHD and in leadership.
  • [18:05] - Sharon and I discuss the connection between ADHD and rejection-sensitive dysphoria and ways to address them in a team setting.
  • [34:25] - We return from the break and dig into collaborative decision making and how it helps people with ADHD to finalize decisions.
  • [41:54] - Before a final decision can be made, you have to move from divergence, through convergence, to a decision.
  • [44:01] - Being clear about expectations and how the final decision will be made.
  • [46:45] - Sharon gives pro-tips on how to create an agenda for a meeting.
  • [53:52] - Sharon provides some insights leaders listening to their intuition and developing their blind spots.
  • [1:06:41] - We discuss the difference between getting by and excelling or thriving.
  • [1:08:33] - There is an art and a science to leadership and you need to put both intention and attention together to be a successful leader.
  • [1:10:34] - Connect with Sharon: 

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