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On this episode, Eric is joined by Dr. Miriam Reiss, a career and life strategist who is living with ADHD and working to help those with ADHD crush finding the right job for them. She shares information about her programs and the 5 stage process she puts all of her clients through for building their best career. You wont want to miss a minute of this great conversation.

Learn all about the 5 stages of Miriam’s job searching process. Each stage is designed to help you identify your core goals, the way your brain works, and how the two come together to influence your perfect job. She focuses heavily on figuring out the right environment for your brain and how there is no one job that is “best” for someone with ADHD.

Eric and Miriam also dig deep into the importance of preparing for your interviews. Just because you think you know exactly what to say in an interview and how you come off, does not mean that your interviewer’s perspective is the same. Learn some tips and tricks on how to crush the interview not only by impressing your potential company but by interviewing them as well.

Miriam leaves you with so many great tips and tricks for managing the job search. Listen in and listen close to glean all of the amazing nuggets she gives. What was your favorite takeaway? Let us know on your favorite podcast app by leaving a review and rating.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:44] - Welcome back to the show! Today’s guest is Dr. Miriam Reiss.
  • [02:38] - Learn how Dr. Reiss got into the business of focusing on career coaching.
  • [06:23] - Where does Dr. Reiss start when she begins working with her clients? 
  • [10:02] - What are the 5 stages of Dr. Reiss’s program?
  • [21:22] - Miriam continues to discuss the 5 stages and the job search strategy.
  • [25:34] - How does Miriam help her clients overcome the barrier of the fear of networking?
  • [28:51] - What is her response to the person who asks her what the best job is for someone with ADHD?
  • [34:33] - What does it mean to create an ADHD friendly environment? 
  • [38:50] - How entering an interview from a place of self-respect alters the energy of the interaction.
  • [46:43] - Learn how Dr. Reiss helps her clients evaluate their work environment.
  • [49:05] - What is the process for taking stock of the things they hate in their jobs? 
  • [55:09] - Asking the right questions in the interview is key to loving your job!
  • [57:02] - How should a person with a spotty work history address that in their interview?
  • [1:02:10] - How to reach Miriam!
  • [1:03:37] - Hear Miriam’s final thoughts for you!
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