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This episode is another Mastermind episode designed to help a member work through something that has been holding them back from success. Our Mastermind hotseat participant is Roxie and she’s looking for help creating systems for remembering her priorities. We discuss various reward systems, memory enhancement tactics, and dig into the root of the problem.

To frame the issue, Roxie uses her need for coffee as the catalyst for her memory concerns. She and her husband sit down every month and create a budget for their spending. Within a few minutes, hours, or days, she’ll forget everything they are working toward and make bad spending decisions. Today we dig into how to reset her memory and break the habit of rewarding herself with coffee breaks.

From doing chores for coffee, to using the Starbucks rewards system, the Mastermind group gives Roxie tons of great advice. Her biggest issue we find is triggering her memory on the plans and future wants that she and her husband are saving up for. Learn how to create effective memory triggers that work in this episode. You wont want to miss the creative journaling ideas, QR code triggers, and tattoos!

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:21] Welcome back to the show and another Mastermind Session!
  • [02:49] Roxie wants to mastermind maintaining systems on this episode of the show.
  • [06:11] Learn how coffee represents a reward system and also a budget buster.
  • [08:55] Additional questions about how purchasing coffee is affecting Roxie’s life and ways to approach the issue.
  • [16:19] One strategy for curbing spending is to create barriers to spending.
  • [23:24] How to disrupt our routine when we’re on auto-pilot.
  • [25:10] It’s more helpful to remind yourself what you do want to do versus what you don’t want to do.
  • [28:59] Would a point system help in the reward system?
  • [32:28] When the issue isn’t what you do or don’t want to do but instead it’s a cycle of behavior.
  • [34:45] Learn how order is the number one thing Roxie wants her day to revolve around, and that can be used to curb the forgetfulness.
  • [38:09] Could journaling help? Learn more after the break.
  • [44:46] Do you beat yourself up when you fall off whatever horse you’ve created?
  • [47:16] How can you reinforce your priorities when you make decisions in the moment?
  • [49:55] What two phrases can help keep you on track when you have competing wants?
  • [53:15] Can living with an enabler be overcome? What about having an external accountability partner?
  • [56:57] Mastermind members share their tips and tricks for creating memorable reminders and Roxie responds.
  • [1:01:51] Creating QR codes that link to videos could help with reminders!
  • [1:04:40] The members help with additional reward tips for Roxie’s coffee habits.
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