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What do you do when your entire experience with money has been negative? Mastermind ways to overcome the negativity and get in tune with your finances! Agnes has had a tough time getting the people in her life to realize that she is ready to take control of her finances and learn what it means to be financially savvy.

When she should have been learning the ins and outs of money management, Agnes was instead dealing with the death of her father. Since then she and her mother have had conflicting ideas on how to approach money management. Listen in as Agnes shares how she has dealt with money in the past and how she’s looking to manage it in the future. Overcoming the emotional aspect is a big one for her.

The mastermind group gives amazing advice for ways to approach money and insights on why she’s been clashing with family members over the management of their trusts. The group also provides an amazing number of resources when getting started with money management. If money management is an issue for you as well, take heart, the reason money is a problem for most people is that we don’t talk about it often enough! Stay! Listen! Learn! This group gives some amazing advice. 

Your Resources:

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:34] Agnes shares a bit about where her issues with money started. 
  • [04:20] What needs to happen for Agnes to start working on her finances?
  • [08:39] Will steps in with some great information about how to get started and who to look for.
  • [10:56] Agnes works through the mental block she has surrounding the various aspects of her inheritance and the familial burdens that come along with it.
  • [14:06] Emily steps up to ask clarifying questions about Agnes’s issues with paying people and continuing to feel like a burden.
  • [15:28] What is the thing that she’s gone through with her mother over and over again?
  • [16:39] Perhaps the issue is that the people around Agnes also don’t know anything about money…
  • [19:51] Who has Agnes given permission to know about her finances? Why?
  • [24:23] We are back from the break and diving into educating yourself on finances.
  • [31:06] Agnes commits to reaching out to a financial planner/fiduciary to help her.
  • [38:03] Emily recommends checking with the bank for financial classes and encourages Agnes to only share her financial woes with people directly related to her money.
  • [41:05] Maybe having someone address finances in a positive light is all that Agnes needs.
  • [44:42] You won’t take care of it later. Start putting money away now.
  • [50:43] What is Patreon?
  • [53:17] Finances are like dieting… learn why!
  • [54:31] If you’re a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and click on our Patreon button at

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