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ADHD reWired is excited to welcome Natalie Walker to the show. Natalie is a professional musician and just released her new EP in September, which was her first since 2015. This Colorado-based singer has seen many changes in the last four years, from parting with her longtime label to being diagnosed with ADHD. Natalie has learned to embrace her different brain and has opened up about the challenges that have come from being a young, awkward kid with ADHD, learning how to navigate a thriving creative path to adulthood.

Eric and Natalie discuss music, albums, and writing songs. Natalie tells us what she's been up to since her last album dropped in 2015 and her new EP in September, why she likes Instagram but dislikes Facebook, and how to make Instagram do the marketing for this podcast. Natalie speaks about starting her label and her inability to do the bookkeeping herself.

Have you ever looked at your financials and been ashamed? Natalie discusses seeing her and feeling like a failure, how her scarcity mindset tells her she will never be rich, and all the problems she feels come with having large amounts of money. They talk about getting a financial planner and a bookkeeper, don't stress yourself out over something you aren't good at instead concentrate on what your strengths are and let someone else handle the rest.

Listen as Eric and Natalie talk about issues surrounding money, how financial advisors can help, and where to get referrals. Have you listened to Natalie's music? Her new song Starry Eyed Kids closes out this episode, it's the latest single off of her recently released EP Evenfall. You won't want to miss this behind the scenes look at a successful musician with ADHD and her struggles with money.

You'll Learn:

  • [02:21] Welcome to the show, Natalie.
  • [03:27] Eric talks about writing an original song for the ADHD conference and the hardest parts of writing and singing the song.
  • [06:38] Natalie tells us she doesn't play an instrument and sing because it is to difficult. She starts with a feeling when she writes.
  • [07:48] She speaks about what happened between her 2015 album and the one she just released.
  • [10:43] She chats about starting a patreon last year.
  • [12:21] Natalie talks about her opposition to Facebook and the chaos that it contains.
  • [15:05] Do you understand Instagram? Do you like to engage in that way?
  • [23:34] She tells us she started her label and chats about why she did it and her anxiety around doing the books.
  • [26:09] Should she hire an accountant or learn to do it herself?
  • [29:57] Natalie discusses her inability to manage her finances and how it makes her feel ashamed.
  • [34:04] Her mindset is that she will never be rich, she feels afraid of money and the financial mistakes she could potentially make.
  • [35:05] Do you have a financial advisor? Do you have a scarcity mindset?
  • [38:30] Natalie says that she had no models for managing money when she was growing up. She wasn't good at math in school, so she stays away from it.
  • [42:56] Ask a friend or coworker if they have a financial advisor and if they would recommend them.
  • [45:05] Natalie says there is so much noise around money, and she can't shut her mind off.
  • [48:24] She wants to know when Eric got a financial advisor and how he went about it.
  • [54:42] What makes a bookkeeper that handles the music industry different than a regular bookkeeper?
  • [59:45] Eric is talking about making Natalie accountable for reaching out to her network to ask for help finding a bookkeeper and financial advisor.
  • [01:03:15] Making money making music is the dream for Natalie.
  • [01:04:07] Thank you to all of our patreons that support this podcast you have no idea how much it is appreciated.
  • [01:07:31] Starry Eyed Kids off her new EP take us out.

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