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ADHD reWired is doing something different today, Cameron Gott is interviewing Eric. Cameron is an ADHD coach, that typically works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners to make better decisions and leading teams. He also trains coaches with two organizations and has started his own podcast.

Cameron likes to use the curious accountability model for interviewing and will interview Eric with this same process. He likes to use it because it is a useful model for people with ADHD; we tend not to look back and reflect. Cameron wants us to imagine a rope bridge, the near side is resources, and the far side is the successful outcome. The middle of the rope bridge is the actual engagement, the anchor that leads from the resources to the successful results.

He starts by asking Eric questions about where he is at right now and how he feels about this being his 300th episode. Eric says that over time, he has become a perfectionist, and the challenge this can be when editing a podcast. He talks about his son's diagnosis of ADHD and autism and how that was the impetus for him starting the podcast.

Listen in as Cameron pulls some interesting new information out of Eric. With Eric on the other end of the microphone, you never know what he might say. You won't be disappointed, and you will learn a little about what makes Eric tick. Don't miss episode 300.

You'll Learn:

  • [02:05] Welcome to the show, Cameron.
  • [04:08] The topic today will be curious accountability.
  • [07:13] Eric where are you as you stand in this place, what is it to be here at this outcome?
  • [12:38] They discuss Eric's accomplishments and how much he has done with this podcast, the spinoffs, and his coaching.
  • [18:37] What was the impetus for starting this podcast?
  • [22:38] His son was born and he realized his son was ADHD on the autism spectrum.
  • [29:12] Eric talks about the first episodes and how they unfolded, there was no grand plan.
  • [32:29] Was there any time commitment on your part when you started this podcast?
  • [35:19] Eric discusses his coaching groups and the promise he made to it.
  • [40:29] He tells us he struggled with work-life balance when he had his practice. He worked hard for his son but he never saw his son.
  • [45:34] He speaks about releasing episode 47 @ 55 mph and the feedback he received from his listeners.
  • [48:34] Consistency with wiggle room
  • [51:56] Is there a surprise that came out of the left-field from this journey you've been on?
  • [57:35] Looking forward what do you see happening in the future? Opportunities for growth? Spinoffs?
  • [1:02:46] Thank you, Eric, for 300 episodes, and we can't wait for more.
  • [1:03:28] Cameron's podcast is translating ADHD @
  • [1:04:44] Cameron, thank you for doing this episode.
  • [1:05:00] Thank you, everyone, and if I forget someone, know that I appreciate you.

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