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Have you ever just wanted to sit in a closet for some quiet time to study and eliminate distractions? Listen in as Eric and his guest Merage Ghane discuss why she did this, and many other topics on this episode of ADHD reWired. Merage is a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student in the eighth year of her PH.D. She shares her journey through being turned down many times to Ph.D. programs to finally being accepted and then getting her ADHD diagnosis.

Merage shares the struggles she had in college with concentration, how her parents reacted to her ADHD diagnosis, and why she chose to research the topic of uncertainty for her dissertation. Merage also discusses her research, what she is looking for within the study, the details of the scenarios she puts her test subjects through and how this research plays out in real-world situations with the variables that can affect the analysis.

Listen as Merage shares why she initially started her research on individuals with autism and attention networks, what she is looking for with her research, and the hardest thing about managing her ADHD while going through the P.h.D program. Merage used her real name in this episode because even though there could be repercussions, the fact is that she has ADHD, and she doesn't want to hide it.

Merage and Eric discuss how magical the ADHD community is, and what takeaways from the alumni coaching group she finds helpful. Merage is showing everyone that people with ADHD can accomplish anything they set their minds too. She isn't letting her diagnosis slow her down, and neither should you. If any of this resonates with you, plug in and listen to this amazing woman.

You'll Learn:

  • [01:46] Merage, welcome to the show!
  • [02:37] Merage shares where she went to school and where she is now.
  • [03:27] She shares her story from almost being diagnosed with ADHD in high school to her college career.
  • [05:04] Merage speaks about grad school and taking time off to get married.
  • [07:33] Have you always had a resilient spirit?
  • [08:10] Merage shares when she was actually diagnosed with ADHD.
  • [10:00] Merage speaks about studying in a closet with a silence please on the door.
  • [13:08] When you were diagnosed were you struggling with classes?
  • [14:20] Merage chats about being a girl with ADHD and how many women are diagnosed.
  • [16:09] She shares how telling her parents about the diagnosis and their acceptance.
  • [17:56] Merage tells us her parents were immigrants and how that affected who she trusted as she grew up.
  • [20:47] Merage shares what her research is about and how she decided to research this topic.
  • [26:00] She speaks about the issues she is studying for her dissertation.
  • [26:58] What are you looking for with this research?
  • [28:33] Merage describes the scenarios she puts before her subjects.
  • [31:41] How does your research play out in real-world situations?
  • [33:03] Merage shares the variables she is looking at that can affect the outcome of her research.
  • [34:27] Merage says she takes a very dimensional approach to psychopathology.
  • [37:34] Are you looking at the day to day decision making?
  • [40:32] Merage shares why she started looking at individuals with autism and attention networks.
  • [42:45] They speak about social executive function and how emotions change often and move quickly.
  • [44:23] Merage chats about a 3-minute talk competition she took part in and why.
  • [45:28] What's the hardest thing for you while managing your ADHD through a P.h.D program?
  • [46:13] Merage shares why she decided to use her real name even though there could be repercussions.
  • [54:23] Merage speaks about being in some coaching groups and the relatable experiences people shared.
  • [56:18] Why did you want to join the coaching groups?
  • [58:21] She discusses the challenges she had finding room in her schedule for the groups and how flexible the supervisors were.
  • [1:00:56] What did you take away from the coaching groups?
  • [1:02:51] Merage shares how she has been sleeping and the fact that she isn't getting any natural light.
  • [1:05:02] What are some things from the alumni sessions that have been helpful?
  • [1:08:02] Eric speaks about the ADHD conference and how magical the ADHD community is.
  • [1:09:10] Do you have anything else you want to share with the listeners?
  • [1:11:24] Merage thank you so much for being on the show today!
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