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Do you have a problem with structure and clarity in your life? Listen, as Eric coaches his guest, Ruthie Lipschultz, on some of these same challenges. Ruthie is a musical performer and has studied voice her entire life, and now she is just trying to figure out life. She got her dream job straight out of college playing Pocahontas on a cruise ship, but her difficulty learning the material caused her not to get asked back.

Listen as Ruthie needing accountability with structure when she is practicing. She shares her love of performing her goal of being a lead on Broadway and her challenges with the expectations that being in a lead role will have. Ruthie speaks about having to move back in with her parents when she lost her job and the issues that have caused.

Ruthie discusses the fact that her parents' house has a lot of distractions; she describes what happens around her when she is trying to practice. Eric asks if there is another place that she could use outside of their home and if she is consistently practicing the same time each day. Ruthie discusses her mom's Codependency and what she can do to break that pull.

The heart of being a successful adult with ADHD is accepting that you can't wait until you feel like doing something as your cue to do it. Eric shares the definition of distraction and tells Ruthie to start small, see if what you are doing is working, if not reassess and pivot. The questions that Ruthie has in this coaching call will resonate with many of you. 

You'll learn:

  • [01:52] Welcome to the show, Ruth!
  • [02:39] Ruthie shares a little about her performing background and the challenges it brought her.
  • [04:54] What problems are you facing?
  • [07:01] Ruthie speaks about how she went about setting up routines to help her with structure and accountability.
  • [09:22] Has there been a time when practicing was more accessible for you? 
  • [10:00] Ruthie shares how much time she spends practicing and how she feels like her gut is resistant.
  • [12:53] She shares why she performs and what her goal in the industry is to have a leading role.
  • [14:39] Why is getting a prominent position on broadway so important?
  • [16:32] Ruthie discusses the expectation of a performer in a lead role.
  • [20:15] Eric says that looking at your environment in a context that you can be successful in is essential.
  • [21:00] Ruthie shares that in her home, she has a lot of distractions.
  • [22:40] Ruthie speaks about what is around her in her parents' house when she is trying to practice.
  • [27:49] Are there any places you have been able to practice outside of your parents' home?
  • [30:39] Eric suggests letting her guitar playing be good enough but let her voice carry her because she has been practicing voice her entire life.
  • [32:10] Codependency can hold people back; talking with a therapist can help with the situation.
  • [34:00] Ruthie asks what she needs to ask a therapist about this codependency issue.
  • [36:06] What options do you have for other places to practice?
  • [43:46] Is it possible for you to have a consistent time to practice every day?
  • [45:05] Ruthie speaks about how important exercise is for her, but she feels pulled in different directions.
  • [47:19] Eric shares the definition of a distraction.
  • [49:01] Having acceptance of the fact that you can't wait until you feel like doing something as your cue to do it is the heart of being a successful adult with ADHD.
  • [53:19] Start small and see what is working for you if it's not reevaluating and shifting focus could help.
  • [55:59] Have you ever focused on something that felt big like moving a grand piano when all you needed to do was go downstairs.
  • [58:55] What is one thing you want to commit to doing based on this conversation?
  • [1:01:12] Eric tells Ruthie to ask herself what could get in the way when she is planning her day.
  • [1:01:53] Ruth, thank you so much for being on the show today!
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