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What role does your schedule play in your effort to get things done? Listen to this mastermind episode with Eric, Jessica, Natalie, Blake, and Erika in the hot seat. Erika needs help with actually looking at and following the schedule she makes for herself on this episode of ADHD reWired.


Erika discusses taking the time to put everything on her schedule, but her resistance is to look at it. They talk about how the pandemic has eroded everyone's schedule and the difficulty they have had trying to get back on it. Blake speaks about how to balance event reminders on google calendars, and Jessica digs deeper into Erika's resistance to her schedule.


Eric shares how difficult it is to stop one task to move onto another task, Blake talks about chaotic situations, and Natalie speaks about Erika's goal for the year of becoming a functional adult. Doing multiple tasks is difficult, but doing one thing really well is something that people with ADHD excel at.


Eric believes that Erika should schedule her number one priority first because the later in the day you get, the less stuff on the calendar will get completed. Erika shares that she feels like her schedule is a punisher, not a partner and Jessica asks if she could look at her calendar as more of an assistant than a dictator.


Between Eric, Natalie, Jessica, and Blake, Erika feels like they have given her some great insights and will try to implement the things they have suggested. She doesn't know if she will ever be friends with her schedule, but she will try to let it assist her in her daily tasks. 


You'll learn:

  • [03:07] Erika shares what she needs the mastermind's support for today.
  • [04:27] Eric asks Erika to describe her relationship with schedules.
  • [05:38] When you schedule your day, how much stuff do you put on it?
  • [06:30] Eric shares his thoughts on what Erika is putting on her schedule.
  • [08:41] Jessica gives Erika her insights.
  • [11:50] Erika discusses how the pandemic eroded her routine.
  • [13:42] Eric wants to know what kinds of technology Erika has available where she is working.
  • [15:58] What are your default settings on your calendar for reminders?
  • [17:02] Blake speaks about how to balance event reminders on google calendar.
  • [24:50] Jessica talks about Erika's resistance to looking at her schedule.
  • [26:52] Eric discusses wrapping up the current task before starting a new one.
  • [29:59] Blake shares how hard it is to handle a chaotic situation.
  • [31:29] Natalie speaks about resentment.
  • [33:24] Natalie talks about Erika's goal for the year of becoming a functional adult.
  • [35:46] Eric believes we can do one thing really well, but when you add things, it all goes to hell.
  • [36:58] Schedule your number one priority first for the day.
  • [43:22] Erika feels like her schedule is a punisher, not a partner.
  • [45:00] Jessica wants to know if Erika can look at her schedule like an assistant instead of a dictator.
  • [49:32] Blake shares his insights into Erika's questions.
  • [52:38] Eric discusses what he does when he feels resistance to following his calendar.
  • [53:29] Jessica speaks about how she handles her calendar.
  • [55:11] Natalie shares how she punished and bullied herself around getting things done.
  • [58:27] Let your calendar be the reflection of the life you want.
  • [1:00:14] Erika shares her takeaway from today's mastermind.
  • [1:03:27] Thank you for listening!
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