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120 | Today's Awesome with Brendan Mahan

120 | Today's Awesome with Brendan Mahan


This week on the 120th we welcome back to the ADHD reWired virtual studio Brendan Mahan. Brendan saved ADHD rewired from a possible dilemma in that there are no shows in the can. Brendan thank you for bailing us out.

  • Brendan begins by doing a quick review of his last appearance on episode 78 The Wall of Awful.
  • Brendan is also now working on a book. He has a big white board with the books outline on it.
  • Brendan tells a story of his near death experience with some camouflage hockey fans. Eric felt like a random hug is what would best defuse the situation.
  • Eric confesses a deep rooted fear of his own in regard to his loud office neighbors.
  • Brendan coined a new phrase for Tuesday since Eric is spending time with his son. This day shall hence be called “Two-Dudes-Day
  • Brendan talks about “Todays Awesome” post series
    • Began with the most awful year of his life.
      • Mom passed away.
      • Career ended
        • Fired on his wife’s birthday
      • Car burned up
        • He watched his car burn
      • Rather than looking at the awful he looked at the awesome.
      • Brendan begins each day posting what is awesome about the day. Everyday!
    • Brendan talks about is kids.
      • Brendan’s kids don’t really hate the aquarium. They hate leaving the aquarium
      • Brendan’s kids, in the presence of an elephant, are drawn to a bird.
      • Brendan’s kids like many kids and Eric, are enamored with poop.
    • Brendan has been looking for a job.
      • Eric gives him a plug. Eric Tivers…What a great guy.


  • Eric inquires about where and how Brendan is interviewing
    • Eric first arms himself with index cards.
    • Brendan explains his methods
  • Eric inquires about what he may be aware of that he is doing wrong
    • Managing emotions
  • Eric inquires about exercising
  • Brendan has a revelation and discovers that he could ride his bike.
  • Eric has him get the bike DURING the show.
    • Because starting is the hardest part

Eric continues to coach Brendan on the show. Brendan Mahan is one of the kindest people in the ADHD community. He is a fantastic father, a loyal husband and fine friend. It is always a pleasure to have Brendan on the show or listen to him speak. There are many voices in the ADHD community but none more genuine than Brandan Mahan.

Please stay tuned to the threads in the ADHD reWired community for news and updates for Brendan’s job search.

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