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121 | Raising Chloe - A Chat Between A Mother and Her Daughter

Episode 121 | Chloe & Lisa, A Symbiont Circle of Awareness

Mother and Daughter, Lisa Mortell and Chloe Johnson join us in the ADHD reWired virtual studios this week to talk about their lives and how ADHD is a part of it.
Chloe along with her ADHD has trouble with depression and anxiety. Lisa, Chloe’s mom admits to not having been a perfect mom (as if there was such a thing). In the early days she made the very common mistakes people make when trying to help people with depression by explaining that there was nothing to be depressed about. Lisa felt the guilt that many parents feel about putting their kids on medication.
At 18 months Chloe refused to stay in her crib and figured out how to escape the confinement it was designed for.
Chloe thought vitamins were snacks
Chloe wanted to be a normal person. More than that she wanted to be a normal person without taking pills to achieve this.
Chloe then finds herself in the “Hot Seat”!
• Problems
o Cannot kick carbs
o Trouble sticking to her diet
o Trouble getting in an exercise routine
Chloe want to lose weight to fit into her clothes she could wear a year ago. She also uses exercise as a way to deal with her anxiety and depression. Eric gives her some amazing advice to help her achieve this, and schedules a date for the follow-up.
Mother daughter relationships can be tough. Chloe and Lisa are a shining example of what can be achieved through mutual respect and understanding. This was a truly amazing episode and listening to Chloe and her mother was very insightful in learning ways people can discover what is great about other people, as opposed to focusing on what is wrong, or what needs to be fixed.
Though there is no perfect relationship between a parent and their child, you would have to search long and hard to do better than Lisa and Chloe.

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