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123 | 5 Principles of a Good System

123 | 5 Principles of a System

Marina Darlow

There are many people with ADHD, who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur requires a focus on many areas. Creativity, management, products and projects to name a few. People with ADHD have difficulty with some of the tasks that are necessary to keep it on track.

Many people are so overwhelmed with the smallest things. However, this is often where the majority of their time is spent. Without systems and strategies in place it can be near impossible for the entrepreneur with or without ADHD to succeed.

It would be nice if there were professionals who focused on the needs of ADHD entrepreneurs. If only there were people whose job it was to develop and help implement real useable strategies catered to the challenges of people with ADHD who want to succeed in business.

Well, those people do exist. ADHD reWired is proud to introduce such a person. Meet Marina Darlow as she joins Eric Tivers in the ADHD reWired virtual studios.

Marina Darlow works with creative people to help them develop strategies and methods for freeing up time that allows them to focus on what is really important.

Marina got into this because she wanted to make the world a less violent place. After she came to the realization that she did not want to be a field agent with the CIA. She worked as a project manager for several non-profit corporations and then she became a Systems coach catering mostly to those with ADHD.

Marinas “Five Principals of a System” are:

  1. System must be easy to use.
  2. Never forget reminders
  3. System must be flexible
  4. System must be fun
  5. System must have Accountability


Marina puts her career in Eric’s hands as she confides in him about an upcoming challenge. Marina has to make contacts and reach out to some venture capitalists. Marina struggles a bit with rejection. She mentions that she procrastinates to avoid what she knows she should be doing.

She and Eric come up with a strategy and Marina seemed to leave the session with noticeable excitement.

Contact Marina:

Go to  for a free downloadable PDF from Marina.


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