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124 | 5 Ways to Crush Procrastination

124 | 5 Ways to Crush Procrastination



124 | 5 Ways to Crush Procrastination


This week, Eric and the staff at ADHD reWired welcome back one of our fan favorites. Alan Brown returns to discuss “5 ways to Crush Procrastination”.

Productivity knows few if any greater foes than procrastination. This can manifest itself as a feeling of being stuck. Sometimes, even though we want something to be completed, our lack of ability to focus on one thing prevents us from even starting the task or project.

Today, Alan brown will show us that when you have a big meal to eat, it is best to devour it in a series of courses instead of a single bite.

Alan speaks of a cycle of procrastination.

  1. We become overwhelmed
  2. We look for an escape
  3. We Procrastinate (check our email, or check Facebook.)
  4. As a result, our to do list continues to grow
  5. We fall further behind
  6. This leads to under-achieving or screwing up
  7. We are then…miserable

 If you have had the pleasure of ever seeing Alan Brown’s award winning ADD Crusher videos you may remember hearing Alan say:



Alan’s method of crushing his procrastination is primarily achieved through his asking himself specific questions. For example, Alan will ask himself, “Are any of my to-do’s a problem right now?”

Sometimes the things we believe to be the most critical have the least amount of significance in the end. Alan helps us by offering methods to determine what is truly important and how to attack these tasks.


reWired Coaching (Alan Brown in the hot seat)


Alan Brown, during the coaching session of ADHD reWired shares some things he would like to improve in regard to the production of his amazing CrusherTV show.

Alan Brown:  Alan explains that he struggles with coordinating the main processes of producing CrusherTV. There are many moving parts such as editing, sound, booking guests, and of course not having as much time as he needs to do get the job done.

Eric Tivers:  Eric instructs Alan Brown to make 3 columns and head each of them as follows

  1. Things I don’t like doing
  2. Things I can’t do
  3. Things I should do

Alan Brown:  Alan adds a fourth step

  1. Things that must be done by me.

Eric Tivers:  Eric asks for action steps

Alan Brown: Alan responds with 3

  1. Spend time filling in the three columns
  2. Do this with honesty
  3. Involve his wife to help him execute

 Eric Tivers:  Eric asks Alan to set a date to begin and a date for follow up

Alan Brown:  Alan complies

It is always a treat when Alan comes on the show. His balance of helpful information and humor are unmatched. If you would like to get in touch with Alan you can got to:

Or email him at


Alan Brown Bio

Meet mess-to-success entrepreneur, productivity coach Alan Brown. An unmitigated mess before diagnosis — booze, drugs, massive under-achievement and irresponsible space case. Now a successful executive, investor and entrepreneur, he crushed his own ADD using the proven ADD Crusher™ strategies. Personal mission: Help ADHD adults around the world live to their potential through alternative ADD treatments and solutions.

CrusherTV ™ is a weekly online TV show delivering life-changing solutions to its members-only audience – crazy-busy people just like you.

Each week productivity coach Alan Brown hosts A-list guest experts sharing brain hacks and other simple solutions to turbocharge your productivity and quality-of-life: Crush procrastination. Get more stuff done. Have more free time. Just to name a few.

But it's more than just the TV show that makes you more productive. CrusherTV ™ members enjoy loads of other benefits...

Stay tuned to ADHD reWired for follow up sessions with past guests who have allowed Eric to help them and keep up with their progress.

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