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108| Getting Organized with Shelly Collins


ADHD ReWired Episode 108. Meet Shelly Collins

Shelly has been organizing businesses, homes, and people since 2011 She does what she loves for a living every day.

“Organizing is a means to an end: being organized gives me the time, room, and clarity to live a life I love.”

Shelly Collins

Hear from Shelly:

I have a great sense of humor. I hope you do, too.

Organizing doesn’t have to be scary or depressing. I love laughing my way through a session with my clients. It makes the time pass quickly and makes the work seem fun! That doesn’t mean you won’t have a bad day or a tough session, but I’ll be there to help support you so we can get back to laughing through our sessions. Organizing can be fun. I promise.

Yes, I am a real person! A really real, really non-judgmental person.

My house gets messy too. Sometimes my office looks like someone set off a paper bomb.  I truly believe that sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your space when you are too overwhelmed to organize on your own, which is why I occasionally call in reinforcements by hiring an organizing colleague to help dig me out of my own mess. Clients often ask me if they are the worst case I’ve ever seen. Honestly, there is no worst – you are an individual and your situation is unique. I can assure you, though you may look at your space and only see clutter, I’m busy thinking ahead to the many organized possibilities.


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  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Summa Cum Laude Honors – Lindenwood University
  • 4x Attendee: NAPO National Conference (2012-2015)
  • 1x Attendee: ICD National Conference (2014)
  • Graduate: Coaching Essentials – Coach Approach for Organizers
  • Graduate: Foundations Courses – Coach Approach for Organizers
  • Graduate: Graduate Course, Coaching the ADHD Client – Coach Approach for Organizers

Industry Leadership: 

  • Currently serving as POINT Committee Chair for NAPO National
  • Currently serving on the Corporate Associate Member Advisory Council for NAPO National
  • Served on the Nominating Committee for NAPO National (2014-2015)
  • Former Director of Professional Development for NAPO-St. Louis (2012-2014)
  • Former Vice President for NAPO-St. Louis (2013-2014)


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