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Steve Mazure was diagnosed with ADHD in June of 2016, and since the diagnosis, everything has changed. Steve has been on a journey of growth and self-discovery.  He is now learning to accept who he is and he’s letting go of the person he was trying to be.

In this conversation, you will hear Steve share his story of being diagnosed with ADHD and decided to start a chocolate company.  He talks about the aspects of running a business that he struggles with, and I share some tips with him that will hopefully help him overcome these barriers.

Connect with Steve Mazure:

Website -

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:27] - Steve describes the process of being diagnosed and treated for ADHD.
  • [09:40] - Steve talks about going “all in” with his treatment of ADHD.  
  • [10:49] - Steve is currently home-schooling his 13-year old daughter and seeing some ADHD traits in her.
  • [16:52] - Steve shares some of his life developments since being diagnosed with ADHD, including starting a chocolate company.
  • [19:54] - Steve describes where he is with his business, right now.
  • [24:58] - We talk about the challenge of shipping.
  • [27:50] - Steve talks about challenges with his business.
  • [29:42] - Steve talks about his plans for his business he’d like to accomplish in the next year.
  • [36:49] - We discuss Steve’s preparation for events like farmer's markets.
  • [43:55] - Steve talks about wanting to introduce online marketing for his company, but feeling some reservations about going for it right now.
  • [49:20] - We talk about pseudo-verbs and starting the process to complete tasks.
  • [54:12] - We discuss designating blocks in a schedule to accomplish tasks and not letting other tasks displace them.  
  • [1:01:25] - Steve says he is a “build the momentum” type of person.  
  • [1:02:50] - We talk about ways to kill our executive function, including a lack of sleep.
  • [1:09:30] - Steve shares what he would like to take action on after this conversation.
  • [1:16:27] - One week later, Steve joins me to talk about the chocolates he sent me and the progress he’s made with sleep since our last recording.

Your Resources:
The Fizzle
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results - Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
Rescue Time
Sleep Cycle

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